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Oh why do you do this to us Kenno?
Amazing, Fel should train all the cats in the neighborhood to be her unholy army of the night!
Very nice to see more of the girls, and learn ones name. Is Bagheera the one Al see kiss another female when he first came to the hideout?
Pawsy looks amazingly cute with the plush.
@Darwinskeeper: Good Will Hunting perhaps?
The passing bunny will get the word out to Bonnie and Fel, I'm guessing.
The Fox in the third to last panel looks like Professor Frink with her spastic pose.
The simply, but pure emotion of this makes it one of the best. Just conveying the connection between the two of them is a powerful work.

Im guessing the drawings in the second frame are a reference to some other artist?
Very Nice, I'm guessing that is you in the bottom center?
Fel has a sister, that is the best development ever.
Oh the possibilities that has!
Her expression in the final panel is the best.