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Evelyn: Look, I... I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O'Connell, but I am proud of what I am.
Rick: And what is that?
Evelyn: I... am a librarian.

'Nuff said! :D
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Yay, you're back! I missed the comic!
Oh dear, one more decision coming my way as a patron, like one vote isn't enough!
Nah, just kidding, but only because I know who I'd want the next origin story about! ;)

As for if non-patrons should have a chance to see the bonus comic...

Personally, I don't require huge incentives to be a patron.
I mean, I love the early access to the comic pages, especially seeing the wip one week ahead.
But when I choose to become a patron it's because the comic in question matters to me. Honestly, it is only an embarrassingly tiny amount I am able to give anyway, so...

But maybe others would be inclined to become patrons when there is a chance to see something not everybody will have access to? Dunno.
Ah well, they'll get another chance....




Love the page, glowing priest and blushing kid and smiling crush and all of that! :)
Congrats on being on target with your writing! :)

And yes, I have read the print copies of Weaponry, all of them. Can't miss out on the extras! ;)

It's really nice to see Sights get some screentime, but I admit I am oddly curious about which mystic Diego is seeing.
And what they are doing....
Verrrrrry nice! ;)

But no, in a less creepy context, an ex-girlfriend of mine was (or probably still is as far as I know...) an artist, and she would constantly use her or my bodyparts to get perspectives and poses right.
Was kind of funny to see what ended up in what picture. :)
I love Maria's boobs on that page!
I mean, I love Maria's boobs anyway, but the view from the side is just extra nice! ;)
Oh no! :(
I am so, so sorry for your loss, Astra!

I know there is nothing that can be said that really helps with the loss of one so dear.
But I'm sure she'll always be there for you, in a way, to continue to inspire you and guide you as you remember her.

It may not be much, but I am thinking of you here, wishing you all the energy and strength to be able to come to terms with this loss, and to eventually arrange yourself with the way the world has altered itself for you.
I think you wanted to reply to me, not emberblaze.

And if you believe that explaining one's point and giving a reason is the same thing as trying to convince people, I have to say are very much mistaken.

The single sentence opinion you originally stated could have been anything, from character bashing to the neutral opinion you say it is.

I on the other hand tried to explain that while I do not like the character very much, I absolutely acknowledge that she is a great character and is well written by Astra.

I never tried pulling people to my side, as you claim. Not with a single word.
Why would I? I do not need people to agree with me to feel validated. I stand behind my own opinion.

And if someone is so feeble willed that simply stating my own point will make them change their mind, then that's on them, not me.
I have to strongly disagree with you here.
I actually don't feel it is. Not without context, explanation or even a username.

This is just one of those "fangirls" who get their knickers in a twist over any female character in "their" yaoi comic infringing on what they perceive is their character. Like they have any right of ownership on an author's characters.
And of course they feel they have the right to hot boy-on-boy action, and refuse to acknowledge that the author might have an actual plot in mind, and one that involves women.

It is a disgusting, infantile display of misogyny, perpetrated by women, poisoning the comment boards of online comics everywhere.

And it is definitely not okay.

Now, I am really not much of a fan of Siren.
I don't like how she played with Gun and strung him along, only to pick someone else to accompany her to her cabin. Because she can, it seems.

Of course she is allowed to pick whom she likes, or change her mind, but to me spending the day with Gun feels like a set up, only to go neener neener now.

And that even though I have been going off Gun for a good while now.

I'll also allow that I might have be reading her wrong. She is certainly a well-written, interesting, strong female character.
Oy, cliffhanger! Don't do that to us! :D

Seriously though, I love the page.
And even if I am a bit late with this, I am really glad you are back and this amazing comic is being continued.
Not that I don't understand you taking a break and concentrating on RL for a while. :)
Damn, I missed the boys! :)
I love how her three choices are "listed" in the upper three panels - sparkle, pose, whut? :D

And I hope my book arrives soon, the wait is killing me...
Also, come on guys, we need more patrons for Astra!

We're only two so far, which means only the two of us saw the yummy nekkid sketch she posted of one of the main characters!

I'm not going to tell you who, you'll have to head over to her Patreon (link in the author comment above!), sign up as a patron and see for yourselves!

Besides, if you enjoy the comic, it's awesome to be able to contribute to it even a tiny little bit! :)
Aaaaaaand ordered! :)

I am so happy the book is finally out, and glad you were able to sort out all the problems with the printers.
That sounded like a right pain! :(
April 10th, 2017
All I ever saw was Toxic page 2 for weeks, after the Call of the Siren cover.
So yay, several new pages at once! :)

Can't wait for the new book and all the goodies you've prepared for us!
I hope your Weaponry-muse is back, or will be soon, and you are well.
I have really been missing this comic a lot in the past months!
Voting Gun.

Because he is the most logical from Siren's PoV I think.
I mean, she has been flirting with and grooming him all this time, it'd be odd if she suddenly didn't want him now.

That said, Arrow's options for the rest of the story sound the most appealing, but going by the above votes, Arrow's gonna win anyway, and I won't be sad when he does.
I love this page! Yay for threesome! ;)
And those boobs in the last panel.....

As for suggestions, if you don't have the time for weekly updates and getting the old chapters ready to print, how about changing to a two-week schedule for the comic, instead of hiatus, until the books are ready?
I know a hiatus costs readers, but maybe this could work? You'd have time every other week to reformat the old pages.

And once you're done with that, go back to a weekly update of the comic.
In that case, Diego & Maria.
Because we just met her and got a first glimpse of her, it would be interesting (and make sense) to learn a bit more.

I am eager to read the other two as well though! :)
Sheesh, your choices will be the death of me! :D
Uhmmmmmm, all of the above? ;)

Nah, seriously though, I guess that depends on whether we get all the not chosen ones at some other point....?
Aaaah, belated Happy Birthday, Astra! I hope it was a good one!

Also, as someone who's already hit the next decade, I hafta tell ya, yer 30s arn't half bad, kid! :D

And I am so stealing that "Follow Your Loins"-phrase! ;)