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Hello everyone!
I'm not a profissional artist or have not studiest arts, but I've always loved to draw and I'm here to share my comic and watch the work of other artists XD
I do my works traditionally and digitally (Photoshop CS5) I hope to continue improving my technique and style and I hope you enjoy and have fun with my work ^-^
Please read the big version here --» 435773187&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1
When appear new characters on story, I will update this character profile :D
@PinnRose: I'm so glad you like my comic!! x33
Oh, you think?! x///D Thank you very much!! -^3^-
@Otaku 4ever: Thank you very much!!!! x3
I'm so glad you like my comic!! -^3^-
(I update every 3 days, then the next page will be next saturday ^^ )
I hope you like the next chapter! It was funny for me to draw this chapter and the next chapter Hehehe xDD
@pleasingMOFO: Yup! :D
Thank you very much! -^3^-
@Ayama22: Thank you very much!!! I'm glad you like the story!!!x3333
@WolfWarrior01: heheeh XD
Thank you very much! I'm glad you like! x333
@Unk-chan: É verdade!! XDD Voce nem imagina o divertido que é desenhar essas cenas huehehehehe XDDDD
@Unk-chan: Só agora é que vi que voce tem seu manga tambem aqui neste site! xD Já coloquei na minha lista de Fav++++ can't wait for the next pageeee!! x333