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Hey there, I'm Brawlitup99, but you probably already knew that. As a sprite artist, I do my best to try and make engaging content, even if it may look sloppy.

Feel free to join the 8-Bit Author Tournament, or stick around for a new comic coming soon.
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Looks like things are getting serious... ;)
And now everyone's where they need to be!
Kaizen and Arnt are back at the lobby! Kaizen seems to be a little mad about Arnt and Erik's whole "god power" thing, but eh, it's not gonna be the end of the world, right?
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Fun fact: this page was initially going to be an animation. However, not only did I not have an animation software or had any previous knowledge, I soon found out that animation is very hard to do in a small amount of time. Anyway, yeah, this page is here! I'm so glad it's done, did my best to make it look cool, haha XD
ANYWAY there are a lot of people to thank here!
Both MaXtream and collaborational helped make the art for this page!
The Property of Hate, It's An 8-Bit World - Blank World, Lab Lockdown, and Serious Times all appeared in the beginning scene!
SpectraSpell, Gloomverse, and Song of the Bluebird all appeared during the scenes afterward! Go check all these comics out!
Hope you all enjoy the update!
EDIT: Apparently there's white where there's supposed to be transparency. There seems to be nothing I can do about that; sorry guys :/
Damara's a savage.
i can't believe vegeta got his wish: being powerful than punchy

wait a minute that's not vegeta
wow ok feels hello there
Finally caught up. This comic's beyond amazing. :D
Another day, another set of characters with no explanation needed
Anyway yeah, decided to crank this one out before we get into the next big part of the comic with Arnt and Kaizen (which SHOULD happen rather soon--no promises tho). In the meantime, welcome to this mess.
Why hello there, new characters.

Also loving the artstyle :D
@MaXtream: (you misspelled accident)
Also your comics have this weird thing that has it extending off to the side. If you could shorten the width of the total comic, that'd be great. Just for future comics, though; don't feel obligated to fix this one.
Welcome to the welcoming committee of welcomes.

Today's topic: why is Quirby on fire.
@Punchy: You forgot Casey and Rick (kinda).
@Guest: Yep! You can learn more about her and the rest of the cast on the Characters page.
I love how Erik just doesn't even care anymore XD
Look at that purple goof, trying to be cool.
Lookit that weirdo, comin out of nowhere.

Hopin you guys will like the next few pages of this. ;)