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Hey there, I'm Brawlitup99, but you probably already knew that. As a sprite artist, I do my best to try and make engaging content, even if it may look sloppy.

Feel free to join the 8-Bit Author Tournament, or stick around for a new comic coming soon.
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Take your time, man. Get better soon!
Today's episode was brought to you by me making literally almost every sentence the smallest possible, honestly why do I do this
Dang, mysterious voice, cut these kids some slack
Boy, I do love me them OCs, Redbowzuh and Blowser, copyright donut steel.
It's about time someone felt the might of the illustrious CAPTAIN GINYU™!
@contradiction123: Ain't that the truth.
On today's episode, Altar keeps being a d*ck.
@Famimatsu: The heck is a physics, amiright

Crea does have a point tho, being undead is a lil out of the ordinary
*slide in the DMs like*
Methinks the fence is gone. well as the next region.

Yeah that bad.
nooooooooooooooo purple ;-;
altar needs to stop being an *sshole, seriously
@TimeSceo: ok rip all the irrelevant characters
RIP practically everyone at this point
A short comic this time with a bit of a cliffhanger. We have a few comics tied into this one section laid out for the next few weeks, so stay tuned! :D