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I make comics sometimes.

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Poor Evets. Taking a lot in for his friends and his country.

Also first.
5 bucks that Seaweed's the mythical mermaid and we all get bamboozled.
Poor Arnt just can't catch a break.

On another note, I now have the power to draw. Let us spray confetti all over the place in celebration.
well hey that's a thing happening
Poor Arnt. He just wants to ramble on about universe shenanigans even when no one gets it or cares.

Also...hoo boy, you're all gonna like these next few pages coming up.
Wow, I'm actually quite early.

Also yeah this SHOULD be a big surprise to Gloom and Petunia, oof.
Oh hey Erik, where'd you come from
Poor Dewi. He never got his waffles ;-;
@G.B.A: Agreed.

The horses are all the same color. We must color-fy them immediately.
Today's top story: portals can be stepped through.

Plus Crea is a smart idk <strike>more news at 11</strike>