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Hey there, I'm Brawlitup99, but you probably already knew that. As a sprite artist, I do my best to try and make engaging content, even if it may look sloppy.

Feel free to join the 8-Bit Author Tournament, or stick around for a new comic coming soon.
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Poor Arnt. He just wants to ramble on about universe shenanigans even when no one gets it or cares.

Also...hoo boy, you're all gonna like these next few pages coming up.
Wow, I'm actually quite early.

Also yeah this SHOULD be a big surprise to Gloom and Petunia, oof.
Oh hey Erik, where'd you come from
Poor Dewi. He never got his waffles ;-;
@G.B.A: Agreed.

The horses are all the same color. We must color-fy them immediately.
Today's top story: portals can be stepped through.

Plus Crea is a smart idk <strike>more news at 11</strike>
Welp, this page is a day <strike>and a week</strike> late. Finals keep being a pain in the rear, so sorry bout that. Anyway, here ya go! Arnt's gonna die.
itza gunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn fight
Holy shit, that looks awesome
@Charley The Fox: Glad you enjoyed the update!

We appreciate your simple critiques on the name. When the comic started off (back in early 2016, geez), it was just that: a co-author comic that revolved around 8-bit sprite styles (Mega Man, Kirby, etc) in the usual tournament gimmick.

Now that the comic has turned into something different from what was initially anticipated, it seems like a name change is long overdue. The only issue I have is just what else to call the comic. The comic is still a collab and still accepts co-author applications, and the tournament style setup will remain mostly the same, albeit with a lot more organization and extra stuff thrown in so as to not get the formula stale, but since almost everything has been changed up, it's hard to say what would be an interesting name. Nonetheless, I'll have a look into what to name the series post-Arc 1 or earlier.

Once again, thanks for your interest in the comic!
Dang. Now THAT is a cool power to have.

Also double page upload, whaaaat? Loving these pages :)
"Goddamn! It's like this guy feasibly cannot die, or something!"

Also rip Punchy's music, it will forever be missed
It's @contradiction123's first comic for 8-BAT! Everyone say hi :)

Meanwhile, I still gotta work on said exposition involving Erik. Maybe sometime soon...
Take your time, man. Get better soon!