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Archaeologist, beer drinker, dog rescuer
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I must be the worst co-comic person ever. The guests noticed Yun's hair before I did.....*hangs head*

Also, ScarBro is going to be the ScarBro we all know and vaguely tolerate.
@Jordan Cat: Kitsune does the art :)
@kitsunebe0: it is really strange. It'd be worse if my user name started with an A
Makin author posts, doo doo dooooooo
Can we just take a moment and appreciate K's art? Dang gurl
I am so excited to be back!!
Hot Damn! The team is back together!

Stay tuned for more info and check the facebook page!
@Jordan Cat: yes, absolutely. I've been working about 45+ hours a week and going to school so it's been hectic. I will be updating soon!
@Wolf: it's my intention to :)
come hang out with me starting the 19th
@Jordan Cat: you're sweet to worry but I'm sure she's fine. This isn't the first time she's vanished on me
@Saskyou: like I said, she won't talk to me. No idea why
I'm sorry to have to report this. Feel free to keep an eye on us and on the facebook page
Fan Art! part 3
Done by Reba (which by the way, gmail won't let me email you and thank you, so thank you thank you thank you!!)

Poor Woh just can't catch a break!

The fine script in the window says "if it says 'sale' it's wrong!"
Fan Art! part 2
Poor Woh, haha

Drawn by Rhee
Pencil on unlined paper
Fan Art!
Drawn by Lynn
A young Yun waving to a boy and not realizing she's using magic
Done with pen on post-it note

All fan art can be submitted to
@wwlaos: my hand drawn is even better. #fact
I got a message the other day asking why I don't just take over the art until Kitsune comes back. Check out the first two panels. This is why, folks. Paleo don't art.

Thanks for your continued patience
@Jordan Cat: probably not in this story
@Dragon: a legitimate question! Dragons can take a humanoid form :)
@Superficial Depth:

1) thank you for the support!

2) Dragonkin are the offspring of dragons and humans. most dragonkin communities are very very old - dragons and humans have very little interaction these days. Dragonkin have their own language, but most of them can speak common as well. Dragon have a separate language as well, but can be understood by dragonkin and vice versa. it's not quite the same as actual speech, but a combination of speech and body language among other things.

3) Scoodles is just a stuffed doll, so his importance is the importance that any child places in their stuffed animals

4) hahaha, that's an interesting thought

5) Shana's parents will be discussed as the story continues