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Welcome back, we're happy you're doing better! Stay strong! We're rooting for you!
Those tassels made my day. The right one looks excited and the left one is just got confused, its kind of like the emotions on the people's faces. x3
This is where our tax dollars should be going. Beautiful page by the way!
I'm actually really happy it pop'd up on tumblr, I spend a lot of time on there and can check it with a phone so it seems much more convenient. Not to mention it will give me another excuse to play tumblr roulette at school while whispering 'please don't be porn' around my peer group. Of course I won't be that upset if it is from this comic <3
*sees small man in background, scrolls down and now sees giant* O_O Run girly! Run!
Most people would take Atty's side in this, saying the Zubat technically flew into him, but what i'm seeing is Atty using headbutt on an unsuspected innocent little pokemon. Shame on you Atty, shame. x3
asdfjgfgsd I love the faces in the bottom panel, they are perfect!
This is like a team-rocket field day.
Avis, making living under a rock cool since 2013.
I really love your art work PhantomCat! The colors are so vibrant and the shadowing is just amazing! I'm also in love with how you made your panels! So easy to fallow and not overly cluttered!
Aw, blondie hasn't seen grandma in over ten years and what does he do when she goes to give him some sugar? Scream and fight it. I am so disappointed in him.
Well now we know who he is, but I wonder what his name could be~
May 29th, 2013
Thankfully, he is tucking it into his tunic and not his pants pocket. x3
*Jaws music plays in the background*
Hmmm, I suspect his sister fired the shot that saved him. Thanks for the update by the way! Good luck with your schedules and projects!
In the immortal words of cinder: I swear i'm laughing so hard inside right now. I love this comic! <3
Rat use self-sacrifice!
April 19th, 2013
Hmmm, Are the numbers in the background the dates or the number of sexual encounters? Cause if this is the past, I can only imagine how high they are now! xD
Next line prediction:
"And Mitsuo is my lover" xD
February 16th, 2013
Inanimate Objects need love too! xD
Hmm doesn't summoning cost MP? I think another kiss might be needed soon! xD