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My biggest passion is to write stories. I also love to play video games, play and watch sports, listen to music, dance, and just have fun in whatever way possible. I love Survivor and all manner of fan parodies of it, and I am always looking for new ways to write fun, competitive series that involve other people or their characters in some way. I love Pokemon, Sonic, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic the most.
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@SWSU-Master: confirmation note for me. Spoiler alert to everybody who cares: I likely won't be in this season. A shame, I know, since you all clearly wanted to see me involved.

Hehe, but in all seriousness, 11 applicants sounds fun. In SFC7 and SFC8, however, having all applicants didn't do that well, since neither season is considered good. But, having just one number off hopefully won't be too bad! I have faith.
@SWSU-Master: Be still my beating heart.
@ChronoAlone: I at least hope some of the people on this site have their characters in, rather than the people on Deviantart...since those people are despicable. And other than a nameless troll or two on here who specifically enjoys bullying ME, the people here are a lot more mature, level-headed, and nice. They deserve it.
@ChronoAlone: I have a feeling like none of this will be worth it and the screen edge-riding won't be warranted. You know what happens when things gets hyped up too much.
@ChronoAlone: Well...IF it's in another will probably be a video game location. I don't see him doing something like the Harry Potter world, or Lord Of The Rings world, or anything movie-based. Video games or animated shows seem to be more his style, which I would be all for. So some off the top of my head would be...

- Equestria (My Little Pony)
- Gaia (Final Fantasy VII)
- Kanto (Pokemon)
- Eagleland (Earthbound)
- 200X (Mega Man)
- Raccoon City (Resident Evil)
- Hyrule (Legend Of Zelda)
- Mobius (Sonic The Hedgehog)
- Phantomile (Klonoa)

So, those are some possibilities that crossed my mind. But they're honestly endless, depending on what SWSU knows and doesn't know...and likes and doesn't like.
@ChronoAlone: Well, odd-numbered seasons are supposed to be SWSU's "best", right? SFC1, SFC3, SFC5, SFC7, SFC9, SFC11, SFC13, SFC15...even though I disagree that SFC7 and SFC11 are good, people tend to like those seasons. So, SFC17 is sure to be a good one!
@ChronoAlone: Well, according to Suzami (one of the comments posted above yours), Damon is the worst character ever. Very depressing, I know. But, yes, each season has produced some colorful, likable, or enjoyable characters.
@ChronoAlone: Agreed. Really, the casts from SFC13 onward have been really good. Regardless of how you FEEL about the seasons themselves, the casts of SFC13, SFC14, SFC15, and SFC16 have been very good, colorful, and fun.
@ChronoAlone: Yep. So, I'm hoping for 20 characters, and hopefully a very unique or interesting cast with funny players~
@ChronoAlone: That's possible. Seasons with 20 characters are definitely a lot more fun, if you ask me, rather than those with less characters. I mean, it basically means 1 more SWSU character and 1 more applicant, and who doesn't enjoy that?
@ChronoAlone: So...what do you THINK SWSU is going to do for next season? Last season was almost a half All-Stars, so no returning players, likely. Probably no Fans Vs. Canons 3, either; maybe in SFC18, since he seems to do them in even seasons, but not now. So likely an entire cast of newbies again...either with 18 or 20 players, I would guess...not sure what else. What do you think?
@ChronoAlone: Well, thanks for that. I feel the same about you~
@ChronoAlone: Someone here was supposed to actually be a host in my ORG...and even though they signed up and said they'd help...they never ONCE showed up. So...I don't think I really have anyone anywhere that cares about me, sorry to say.
@ChronoAlone: I've been absolutely miserable. So many things have gone painfully wrong for me ever since this season ended. The ORG I did was a complete disaster and the most embarrassing thing ever. My precious 17-year-old cat finally passed away, leaving me wanting to die, too. The possibility of being kicked out of my home thanks to my evil uncle...having to carry heavy computer desks in and out of my home...perhaps losing my SSI so I don't get money goes on. It's been awful.
@ChronoAlone: I'm afraid SWSU's trolling tendencies has rubbed off on me. I apologize.

At least I don't post memes, type illiterately, or make myself look like a fool while trolling. Hehe. So, Chrono, how are you doing?
@ChronoAlone: Yes, they most definitely have. SWSU sent a note to me specifically, asking if he could use Artemis for a Second Chances. I told him to go jump off a cliff, because clearly he'd make her leave first, and then he told me that on second thought, Second Chances might not be a good idea without a fan vote. So who knows?

And yes, I'm just making shit up because I'm bored. I miss you crazy little dorks.
@SWSU-Master: Let's hope next season will somehow top it.
@Niftyness: Good. Tell Riley I said hi.
As predicted, Doris wins, but she deserved it. Overall, this season was great! I've pretty much explained each and every comic why I love it, so I don't care to recap it all here. That and I'm feeling lazy and unmotivated. So, anyway, here would be my new rankings on everything:

UPDATED SFC CHARACTERS RANKING CHART: t-608884248 (Just put those last four numbers to the rest of the link to make it work)

16. SFC7 (Hate)
15. SFC8 (Hate)
14. SFC11 (Hate)
13. SFC6 (Hate)
12. SFC10 (Dislike)
11. SFC4 (Neutral)
10. SFC14 (Neutral)
9. SFC12 (Neutral)
8. SFC1 (Like)
7. SFC2 (Like)
6. SFC15 (Love)
5. SFC16 (Love)
4. SFC5 (Love)
3. SFC13 (Adore)
2. SFC9 (Adore)
1. SFC3 (Adore)

16. Angel (Loathe)
15. Bitsy (Loathe)
14. Melanie (Hate)
13. Barney (Hate)
12. Liz (Hate)
11. Ker (Hate)
10. Skylar (Like)
9. Ellise (Like)
8. Jim (Love)
7. Doris (Love)
6. Lola (Love)
5. Marius (Love)
4. Jackie (Love)
3. Taro (Love)
2. Montana (Adore)
1. Cherman (Adore)