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My biggest passion is to write stories. I also love to play video games, play and watch sports, listen to music, dance, and just have fun in whatever way possible. I love Survivor and all manner of fan parodies of it, and I am always looking for new ways to write fun, competitive series that involve other people or their characters in some way. I love Pokemon, Sonic, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic the most.
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Yeah, Derek sucks. I always saw him as the bad one between Jenny and himself. Jenny never really did anything wrong other than talk about brainy things, and Derek would just get pissed off about it for no reason. So then when he starts plotting against her, Jenny disbands the tribe to save herself, and he acts all indignant about it. Then he STILL keeps harping on about her the entire game, even to this point. Sure, Jenny isn't a saint, and I can see how condescending she can be...but it doesn't feel intentional. With Derek, it feels personal and like he genuinely feels offended just by her presence, to the point where he's a hypocrite of "I want to defend Jeannie, bro!" and "Kade is a fucking asshole, bro!" yet he SIDES WITH KADE to further abuse Jeannie just to spite Jenny. So, I can't stand Derek. Never will.

But, Raiza and Josh make everything better.
Yep...pretty much what I expected to see. Very exciting. Interesting stuff. Enjoyable.
@Guest: Because he's the fucking worst of the worst. Just the worst character ever created. He sucks and since everyone else hates him, I can hate him, too. I'll just be like everyone else.
Honestly, Jahira completely deserved that. This has been a 3-episode arc/downfall for her that I feel works for her character. Two episodes ago was her idiocy with the Nezumi debacle. Last episode was her hypocrisy with the Raiza debacle. And this episode was her pushiness to get what she wants, and then turning around and immediately running away and even willing to stab her own best friend in the back just to survive, which is both cowardly and even further hypocritical when SHE was the one who wanted this in the first place! Oh, but apparently when it's her own ass on the line, she's no longer willing to go through with it. Yeah...really nice, Jahira. But, be that as it may, her leaving here makes me like her. If she had gone any further and kept up this trainwreck of game-play, I would've gotten really tired of it. But, her crashing and burning like this was great, and I feel her character was brought full-circle in a good way. From the start of the game, she confessed to being an emotional hothead who can't control her outbursts, but she's AWARE of this. She makes friends with CutieCat and TRIES to play the game, and 50% of the time it works! But the other 50%...well, we've seen her mistakes. Nezumi, Raiza, CutieCat...yep. She's a flawed, yet unique character. She had her good moments, and her bad moments, and basically tonight was karma for all the bad moments catching up to her. It was satisfying watching her fun moments in the game...aggravating watching her dumb moments...but ultimately it ended satisfying with her comeuppance, and then angrily assaulting Jeff on her way out. Perfect story arc. I liked Jahira.

And now a few other things to point out. First, I'm glad CutieCat's real name was revealed; I was really getting sick and tired of fans calling her "CeCe", and characters in the game doing the same, since that clearly was NOT her real name, and it just bugged me. So, her real name is revealed, but I'm still gonna call her CutieCat...since that's what she's known as in the game. Just like how Derrick is Slash in this game and needs to be called as such. Second, I'm proud of Josh, Raiza, and Ollie refusing to just sacrifice CutieCat, despite the fact they knew luck was no longer on their side, and willing to draw rocks to save her. Those three are awesome for that. True troopers. Third, I figured Parmesan and Alfredo were the actual ones to cast the last wish, since Josh clearly wasn't going to actually make a wish himself and use Jeannie just like everyone else was, just to save a number for his side that more or less doesn't give a shit about him anyway, so good for him. Plus, Jahira had some karma points coming to her, so it worked out alright. Overall, an exciting episode.

1. Raiza (Perfection)
2. Quickscope (Outstanding) [OUT]
3. Slash (Outstanding)
4. Tony (Amazing) [OUT]
5. Amadeus (Amazing) [OUT]
6. Parmesan (Amazing)
7. Mele (Amazing)
8. Naomi (Amazing) [OUT]
9. CutieCat (Great)
10. Jahira (Great) [OUT]
11. Ollie (Great)
12. Jeannie (Great)
13. Lester (Great) [OUT]
14. Jenny (Good)
15. Joy (Good) [OUT]
16. Nezumi (Dislike) [OUT]
17. Charity (Dislike) [OUT]
18. Derek (Hate)
19. Kade (Loathe)
20. Josh (Loathe)

1. Perfection - Best of the best.
2. Outstanding - Really enjoyable.
3. Amazing - A lot of fun.
4. Great - Pretty solid.
5. Good - Not bad.
6. Neutral - Some good, some bad, but mixed.
7. Dislike - Not all that enjoyable.
8. Hate - Really unlikable and awful.
9. Loathe - Worst of the worst.
Abusing Jeannie like this is honestly sad to see. Like, granting wishes for her isn't just a simple feat; it clearly takes a toll on her. This sucks to see that literally everyone seems to just be going along with it just to kiss Kade's ass. I don't know who's leaving, but it's likely gonna be a shocker.
Josh needs to just fucking die already. For real. He sucks in every possible way and needs to die. And screw Raiza for trying to actually be nice. Fuck her for not being as one-dimensional as she obviously should be.
@DrMarble: ...I'm not even going to bother with that. Not worth it.
@Misterjakester : I took a creative writing class AND a computer class from 5th grade onward. So...8 years of it. And, from the 9 years I've been out of school, I've continued writing each day. So...that's how~
@DrMarble: He tried to warn him because the original target was Kade. Kade was the bigger threat here, not Tony. Josh knew how the vote was going, so he wanted Tony to play the idol for HIMSELF, and Kade would've gone. That way, the more emotional and irrational player (Tony) stayed, AND the idol is out, AND Kade is gone. But, yeah, Tony didn't listen.
Tony, Tony, Tony...why? Just...why? You are, without a doubt, one of the biggest idiots ever. Remember how much you bashed Quickscope? Yeah, you're dumber than he is. And thus Tony's tragic Survivor tale comes to a close. You know, as much as Tony's creator wants to be petty and hold a grudge against me for things from the past and bash my character for that...I'm not gonna follow suit. I liked Tony. Despite what a bullying, irrational scumbag he was...I still liked him. And, his story was honestly very sad, when you stop to think about it. Charity attempted to manipulate him with her power, and when she left, Tony began to act out, and focused all his hate right at Josh...because Josh is such an easy target. And, the entire game, Josh tried his best to make Tony open his make Tony actually become a better player and person...and he refused. Thanks to his own arrogance, or possible insecurities, he refused to listen. If Tony had just played his idol, we all would've been happy and Kade would be gone. You see now, Tony, why Josh tried to make you see reason and get Kade out at the final 16? THIS IS EXACTLY WHY! You learned a lesson the hard way, buddy. Josh saw this coming, and you refused to listen. You have only yourself to blame for leaving here. Josh was never out to get you; he may have voted you out, but he still tried to help you one last time...and you spat in his face. Karma's a bitch. And, thanks to you, we're likely stuck with Kade for quite a long time now. Ugh. But, bottom line...I did like Tony. He was like a Wrecker/Xero kind of character, mixed with the irrational nonsensical bullshit tendencies of Russell Hantz. I don't know why, but I just found him enjoyable. Plus, in my head canon, Tony actually did have a crush on Josh and just continually picked on him to try and hide it, so that just makes me smile, too. Even if it's not true at all, I'm gonna pretend it is; it makes Tony's story much better than him just being a dick for the sake of it. We already had Lester The Unlikely for that...and Amadeus...and Quickscope. So, just give me this.

A few other things I want to mention. First, I'm glad Jahira more or less admitted she was being hypocritical and irrational. I'm proud of you, Jahira; you're off my shit list now. Second, Josh and Raiza sharing a seat was extremely adorable and a nice touch. Third, I'm very happy to see that Slash survived his first-ever merge vote, and he wasn't even a target! Good for him. Honestly, this season has continued to be very strong. I'm glad most all the negative characters are gone now (Amadeus, Quickscope, Lester, Tony)...despite the fact I loved all four of them. The fact we're stuck with Kade, though, as the main antagonist...isn't good, honestly. All four of the characters I mentioned, while less competent, were MUCH more entertaining than Kade. But, that said, I do like this trend of negative characters mostly all going early and only letting one or two stick around the rest of the way. I'm still of the mindset that positivity and heroes make a season, not a bunch of villains with only a few heroes intermingling. So, I like this.

1. Josh (Perfection)
2. Raiza (Perfection)
3. Quickscope (Outstanding) [OUT]
4. Slash (Outstanding)
5. Tony (Amazing) [OUT]
6. Amadeus (Amazing) [OUT]
7. Parmesan (Amazing)
8. Mele (Amazing)
9. Naomi (Amazing) [OUT]
10. CutieCat (Great)
11. Jahira (Great)
12. Ollie (Great)
13. Jeannie (Great)
14. Lester (Great) [OUT]
15. Jenny (Good)
16. Joy (Good) [OUT]
17. Nezumi (Dislike) [OUT]
18. Charity (Dislike) [OUT]
19. Derek (Hate)
20. Kade (Loathe)

1. Perfection - Best of the best.
2. Outstanding - Really enjoyable.
3. Amazing - A lot of fun.
4. Great - Pretty solid.
5. Good - Not bad.
6. Neutral - Some good, some bad, but mixed.
7. Dislike - Not all that enjoyable.
8. Hate - Really unlikable and awful.
9. Loathe - Worst of the worst.
...and 20 seconds after Josh and Raiza have their little moment, Josh says "...yeah, we're doing the split vote; Tony and Kade are going down." At least I hope and pray. One of those two MUST go here. Jahira and even Jeannie doesn't deserve it. Come on, Josh, do the right thing. I have faith you will. But, I seriously don't blame him for just considering his options; if I was being accused of being a liar, I wouldn't just 100% go with the side accusing me of that. It's fine to just THINK things out.
As much as Jahira deserves to leave for being a bitch...nah, Josh isn't gonna allow this. Tony, buddy, you're in for a rude awakening. So, keep thinking that you have the numbers. I seriously doubt it'll go the way you want.
@Darknile55: Well, I hope not, since I love Raiza, but...yeah. Somehow, this will likely be balanced out or make sense for the story, so it shouldn't matter.
@EJ122: True, but...SFC can't just be a Survivor fan-fiction. Then it wouldn't be unique.'s either take out ANYONE with powers or special things about themselves to help out...or keep them. much as it irritates a lot of us...I'd rather them stay, honestly. It keeps SFC unique.
@ChronoAlone: Well, I'm glad you're strong enough and feel good enough about yourself that you don't feel the need to equip something to yourself so you can feel happy. You're not Raiza. You don't know what it's like to be her. So you saying that is unfair in my eyes.

And, it doesn't give her THAT big an advantage. It just gives her muscles and size. Let's see her do a puzzle. Let's see her swim. Let's see her fit through tiny areas or jump small gaps. This challenge was just specially designed to be something she could ace. It's not a game-changer.

And, Raiza is an individual...who doesn't feel secure about herself competing without something backing her up. You saw how useless she felt when she DIDN'T have the point where she was downright depressed. It's important to HER. And that's all that's important.