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My biggest passion is to write stories. I also love to play video games, play and watch sports, listen to music, dance, and just have fun in whatever way possible. I love Survivor and all manner of fan parodies of it, and I am always looking for new ways to write fun, competitive series that involve other people or their characters in some way. I love Pokemon, Sonic, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic the most.
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@SWSU-Master: Let's hope next season will somehow top it.
@Niftyness: Good. Tell Riley I said hi.
As predicted, Doris wins, but she deserved it. Overall, this season was great! I've pretty much explained each and every comic why I love it, so I don't care to recap it all here. That and I'm feeling lazy and unmotivated. So, anyway, here would be my new rankings on everything:

UPDATED SFC CHARACTERS RANKING CHART: t-608884248 (Just put those last four numbers to the rest of the link to make it work)

16. SFC7 (Hate)
15. SFC8 (Hate)
14. SFC11 (Hate)
13. SFC6 (Hate)
12. SFC10 (Dislike)
11. SFC4 (Neutral)
10. SFC14 (Neutral)
9. SFC12 (Neutral)
8. SFC1 (Like)
7. SFC2 (Like)
6. SFC15 (Love)
5. SFC16 (Love)
4. SFC5 (Love)
3. SFC13 (Adore)
2. SFC9 (Adore)
1. SFC3 (Adore)

16. Angel (Loathe)
15. Bitsy (Loathe)
14. Melanie (Hate)
13. Barney (Hate)
12. Liz (Hate)
11. Ker (Hate)
10. Skylar (Like)
9. Ellise (Like)
8. Jim (Love)
7. Doris (Love)
6. Lola (Love)
5. Marius (Love)
4. Jackie (Love)
3. Taro (Love)
2. Montana (Adore)
1. Cherman (Adore)
...SWSU, I'm going to have a little talk with you in private about this. You sure do know how to piss me off.

But, while I deal with you personally...nice job on a fantastic season. Congrats to Doris for winning.
For the one time...the ONE TIME in the entire season...Angelo actually did something legitimately funny. Took him until the finale to do it. Wow.

But, yeah, Doris has this won. Sierra was destroyed, as was Vinnie. Congrats, Doris!
@Guest: Because, in recent times, the jurors really haven't said/done much to invoke actual excitement. Like, in SFC9, they all pretty much did. But, ever since...nothing 'big' has happened at the jury questioning phase. BUT, like I said, it's still fun to at least hear what they have to say and how the finalists answer, because...well, we want to know what they say, right?
So...yep, pretty much what I thought. Doris wins, Sierra will get 2nd, and Vinnie is 3rd. People, Vinnie is NOT getting 2nd, okay? It isn't happening. Sierra will, one way or another, sadly get 2nd. But, this vote likely won't be too close. All I really care to see is what the jurors have to say. Even when it's boring or tame, it's still fun!
@Yumichika Time: You deserve a huge noogie and scolding for your silly attitude. Now go sit in the corner, Yumichika, and think about what you've done~
Well, that was pleasant enough. But, Doris still wins. Sierra might get a 2nd vote from someone, like Angelo or Brandi, but Doris has this won. Sorry, Vinnie, but you're getting 3rd for sure. The confessional about how Doris, shockingly, would've voted for Sierra if she lost her duel with Bowser Jr. is stunning. Just shows that, somehow, Sierra is likely getting 2nd place with some random vote thrown in other from Thorne. Interesting.
@SWSU-Master: Each season makes me feel a different way for different reasons.
Yeah, pretty much what I saw coming. It would've been far too obvious for an actual Mario representative to make the the Mushroom Kingdom. So, I knew Bowser Jr. sadly wasn't going to make the end. I knew he'd come close, but wind up just short. And, losing to Doris makes perfect sense; she helped him out when he needed it, but ultimately "mother knows best". And mother will always take you down. So, yeah, Doris wins, but the only real unknown is how many votes Vinnie/Sierra will get, because I really don't think Vinnie is getting 2nd. The edit has made him look incredibly unlikable, regardless if Tialayla said that she respects him. But, let's focus on Bowser Jr. for this moment. Overall, I loved him. A MUCH better kid character than Skylar, Oran, Juli, and any others we might've had that I've forgotten about. Yes, he was bratty and annoying...but, ALL KIDS ARE! Plus, look at who his father is. You can't hold that against him. At his heart, he's a charming, lovable, devious little bastard, and I love him for that. When a villain is written in a fun, comedic, cute way (Xeradonus, Bowser), then it works. When they're written to be taken very seriously (Matt, Desmond), it falls flat. So, I really enjoyed seeing him progress through the game as Vinnie's sidekick, making a few moves of his own, and actually trying his hardest to make his dad proud and make HIMSELF proud. His arc was really great, and I'd love to see him return for another chance to see how much he can progress without Bowser OR Vinnie. While it's true I would've loved to see both him AND Doris in the end, that was never going to happen. So, sadly, this is where he winds up. He was awesome.

1. Riley (Adore) [OUT]
2. Bowser Jr. (Adore) [OUT]
3. Bowser (Adore) [OUT]
4. Brandi (Adore) [OUT]
5. Vinnie (Adore)
6. Doris (Love)
7. Bradley (Love) [OUT]
8. Damon (Love) [OUT]
9. Tialayla (Like) [OUT]
10. Clydia (Like) [OUT]
11. Cassidy (Like) [OUT]
12. Lewis (Neutral) [OUT]
13. Scott (Hate) [OUT]
14. Bonnie (Hate) [OUT]
15. Rosella (Despise) [OUT]
16. Angelo (Despise) [OUT]
17. Iyzebel (Despise) [OUT]
18. Sierra (Despise)
19. Thorne (Despise) [OUT]
20. Eli (Despise) [OUT]
@Sonofhades: That's reasonable and I can respect that. Bowser Jr. and Vinnie are two negative characters that, for me, I wouldn't MIND seeing win. Typically I don't like seeing jerks or assholes rewarded (Melanie), but some of them I do (Marius), so typically I do like the likable winner pulling it out in the end. But, for these two, I suppose you're right. I just think any of them would be a fine winner, except for Sierra.
@Sonofhades: Son Of Hades, I like you, but...what is wrong with you? Doris isn't a boring winner, should she make the end. Just because she's an OBVIOUS winner doesn't make her boring. She's very likable, quirky, nice, funny, and we haven't exactly seen someone like her win before. So, if it happens, why is that a bad thing?
Yep. Bowser Jr. and Doris will tie the vote, thanks to Sierra's idiocy, Bowser Jr. will NOT be allowed to make fire with his breath, and thus he loses. Doris goes on to win the game (people can whine all they want; an "obvious winner" that is likable is still a good winner, deal with it). Don't worry, Doris isn't leaving. I'm willing to bet money on it.
@Yumichika Time: Not in general. You leave such huge, random comments with a ton of words in all-caps, so I don't even know what you're saying half the time. I was just saying as a whole. It was just annoying how people actually thought Vinnie's final time was going to end with him going pre-merge or early jury. Like that would ever happen.
@DryIceBros: Trust me, on both here and Deviantart, there was at least one person who said that Vinnie was going home almost every single episode at some point. It really did get old.
Bye, Bowser Jr., now that Vinnie has won. The final 3 has room for only the master villain, and sadly you still have a ways to go. One way or another, Bowser Jr. is leaving. It'll likely come from a tie vote and Doris beating Bowser Jr. in a challenge, but it's going to happen. Sierra will make yet another stupid move of keeping Doris alive, and she'll prevail. But, still really nice to see Vinnie a challenge; he deserved it.

All season long, people were saying literally EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. That Vinnie was going home. But, nope, I knew he'd make the end. Minerva made the end in her 3rd and final time, and Vinnie did the same. Also like Minerva, he's gonna lose, but let's enjoy it while it lasts. Vinnie is a legend, 3rd place or not, so he deserves this.
Totally freaking awesome! Loved every season of it!