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Comment on SFC15 Day 33 Immunity of Survivor Fan Characters
Tailslover13, 25 May 2016 10:01 pm
Bogus winner and stupid results, but whatever. At least Brandi didn't win. Hopefully she goes now.
Comment on SFC15 Day 33 Out of Patience of Survivor Fan Characters
Tailslover13, 25 May 2016 09:56 am
@arv0908: Ha, I totally agree with that! There's still two episodes to go, though...including this one. I just hope nothing bad happens to Ky or he DOES crack under the pressure. A few haters on Deviantart have been hating on Ky all season long for the dumbest of reasons (I'm sure you've noticed their comments by now, considering you're over there, too), and...I'm just worried what's going to happen if something happens that we don't want to see happen...if you get my drift.
Comment on SFC15 Day 33 Out of Patience of Survivor Fan Characters
Tailslover13, 25 May 2016 09:11 am
@arv0908: Well...according to a lot of Edgics on Deviantart, he's been OTTP in almost every single episode...and typically you don't win with that edit. I mean, Lola kinda did...I suppose. And you could argue Ky got a MORP in a few episodes. Taro is really the one getting MORP/CPP more often...so I fear that Taro is going to outlast Ky. Don't get me wrong; I love Taro. But...let's be honest. Ky would just be a lot more dynamic and amazing winner. Taro would just be...okay. Really, at least in my personal point of view, the fan reaction would be:

Ky winning: "HOLY CRAP! HOW the hell did he just pull that off? It just goes to show you good guys who don't do a lot of strategy CAN win! And it's awesome! Our first Sonic winner ever! Possibly our most kindhearted winner ever...alongside Cherman. It came out of left field, but it's awesome!"

Taro winning: "Well...he WAS shown as the more 'strategic' between him and Ky...and he was more...um...yeah, I got nothing. Taro is cute, quirky, funny, adorable, and fun...and he's a decent winner."

So, yeah, one winner would be total excitement and shock, and the other would be simple acceptance with good vibes but slight disappointment. You agree with that?
Comment on SFC15 Day 33 Out of Patience of Survivor Fan Characters
Tailslover13, 25 May 2016 06:20 am
@TJBambi93: The difference is Fabio never made the same mistakes Dustin is. Yes, I did say to ignore the edit and the story...but to know how jurors would vote and seeing how they think, we have to look into what they've said or done. Almost everyone, other than Ky, Taro, and maybe Marie/Sylvia are annoyed or upset with Dustin, while no one really was ever annoyed with Fabio. Heck, even Na'Onka voted for Fabio after fighting with him several times!
Comment on SFC15 Day 33 Out of Patience of Survivor Fan Characters
Tailslover13, 25 May 2016 06:08 am
@ChronoAlone: In before I get half a dozen people replying to me, telling me how wrong I am, how stupid I am, heavily disagreeing with every single thing I said, or just trolling me and calling me retarded names to try and make themselves sound smarter than they are.

But, still, thank you~
Comment on SFC15 Day 33 Out of Patience of Survivor Fan Characters
Tailslover13, 25 May 2016 04:22 am
Everybody, here are my thoughts on who has the best chance to win the game, NOT based on the edit or what the story is telling us, but just on the characters and who makes the final 2 (if it indeed is a final 2). Here is my opinion on the final 7 and who I, personally, think they could beat in a final 2 situation:

Brandi - Dustin and Shaega. I can't see her beating Ky, Leah, Sylvia or Taro. I think she'd beat Dustin and Shaega because, out of all the Normals left, they're the two who haven't done as much as Brandi has. And, love her or hate her, Brandi HAS done more, and this jury SEEMS to be stacking up to be kinda intelligent, so I think they'd grudgingly reward Brandi over idiot Dustin who did NOTHING other than annoy people, and Shaega...who just went all Alleio on them. But, I don't think she beats Sylvia, the other Normal, because at that point Sylvia hasn't done the idiotic things Dustin has or the evil things Shaega has, so Brandi wouldn't beat her. Ky, Leah and Taro are all rather likable, and regardless how you view Ky, he would still easily beat Brandi if he could explain his game, which I really think he could.

Dustin - Nobody. Yeah, unfortunately, I think Dustin is mathematically eliminated at this point. I don't even think he beats Shaega in a final 2 scenario, because Shaega could talk about getting the power and how it helped influence his game...even if he used it in an asshole way...but Dustin really can't point to ANYTHING he did to beat Shaega. Plus, he can't try and be likable, either, because as we've seen Leah say...his nice guy routine has ended and they're not falling for it. So, Dustin is dead in the water. I don't think he beats ANY of the other players.

Ky - Everybody. You're free to laugh at that, but just think about it logically. If he's against Dustin...he wins easily, because he hasn't pissed a single person in the game off. Cordelia...maybe...but it was mostly just because he was a threat and he lost her a reward challenge. If he's against Shaega...I mean, that's a no-brainer. If he's against Brandi, you almost have a Russell vs. Natalie situation, and...I think the jury would just reward Ky based on how he played the game by staying out of trouble and just being likeable; Zach, Taro, Leah, Marie, and POSSIBLY Sylvia, Gekkota or Dustin would easily reward Ky over Brandi, so that's five and that's enough. If he's against Leah...I think he would still beat her based on her attitude and how she talked a big game but never did much other than get Lea out and waste an idol thanks to Sylvia. If he's against Sylvia...almost the same situation with Leah, honestly. If he's against Taro...THAT would be interesting. Basically you would then either reward Taro for being the more strategic one, or reward Ky for being the more spirited, energetic, nicer, and endearing one (especially with his backstory). It would be tight against Taro, but...I still think Ky beats him.

Leah - Dustin, Shaega, and Brandi. I think Leah would easily cream Dustin and Shaega without a doubt. With Brandi, again, it would be tough. But to beat Brandi, you need to be at LEAST level-headed and intelligent, which neither Dustin nor Shaega are, but Leah somewhat is. I really do think Brandi's game just pissed too many people off for them to reward her if she was sitting with Leah. Ky, Taro and Sylvia, however, I think all beat Leah. Ky and Taro because they're more likable and played a cleaner game than Leah, while Sylvia gets the nod because she's a Normal, and also because I think she's had to work through a bit more in the game, whereas the only real obstacle Leah had was Lea...and that's it.

Shaega - Dustin. That's it. If Dustin gets his 'bro' to the end with him, I think Shaega beats him in that scenario. Because, at that point, Shaega would HAVE to be revealed as the "villainous mastermind", but Dustin would also have fed up the jury so much that he'd be worse than Gatemaster at a final tribal, and we all know how likable HE was. I think in this case, Shaega would be like Marius and Dustin like...a worse Gatemaster. Dustin might get Sylvia, Ky, Taro...and that's it. I really think Shaega would get all the rest. But, against ANYONE else? No. Shaega isn't winning in that case. He has to have Dustin or he's not winning.

Sylvia - Brandi, Dustin, Leah and Shaega. I can't see Sylvia managing to beat the likability factors of Ky and Taro, not to mention when they reveal their "stealthy" strategy to stay out of trouble while still making subtle moves to never be voted out, but I CAN see Sylvia's story beating out the other three Normals AND even her "rival" Leah. Sylvia, other than Ky and Taro, is probably 3rd on my list of most likely contenders, just based on who can beat who. Sylvia may not be the best player, but she arguably has done a decent job in the game. She's never actually been targeted, either, since the Tamara vote doesn't really count in my eyes.

Taro - Everybody except Ky. Taro has proven to be very smart. Sure, he can be whimsical, silly, trollish, and even weird at times...but behind that is a very smart guy. He'd easily beat anyone in the end if he makes it there. But...I really think his buddy Ky is the only one who could beat him. For one, Ky is arguably a lot more social than Taro and makes connections better than Taro can. For two, Ky is better in challenges; Taro sucking so badly is NOT a good look, I don't care what you say. Don't point to Cherman, either, because this would be a different scenario. For three, Ky actually had to get out of trouble more times than Taro...even if Taro was the one to HELP him get out of said trouble, Ky himself showed awareness the entire time (against Gekkota's lies, against Cordelia targeting him, against Brandi's two-faced ways), so unlike someone like Gatemaster, Ky is NOT oblivious. I really do think Ky would steal the votes of Dustin, Leah, Marie, Zach and MAYBE Sylvia or Gekkota. I just think, if Taro is against Ky in that point...Taro's defense of his strategy and game-play won't be able to beat Ky's likability, his backstory, his challenge wins, his social skills, and his loyalty without being sneaky like Taro.

So, in order from most dangerous winner to least dangerous, in MY opinion, would be:

1. Ky
2. Taro
3. Sylvia
4. Leah
5. Brandi
6. Shaega
7. Dustin
Comment on SFC15 Day 33 Out of Patience of Survivor Fan Characters
Tailslover13, 24 May 2016 10:02 pm
Nice to see Sylvia FINALLY getting back to her normal self. If she FINALLY helps take out Brandi, she MIGHT get back into my good graces. Maybe. But, Taro and Ky are still the best; nothing is beating either of them in terms of amazingness.
Comment on SFC15 Day 33 Boiling Point of Survivor Fan Characters
Tailslover13, 24 May 2016 06:11 pm
@arv0908: Unfortunately, we're bound to be disappointed. Watch as SWSU settles for 2nd best and lets Taro win instead. Or he just says "screw both of them" and lets Sylvia or Leah win because they're a female bitch and he loves those. Ky likely won't win, because that would be TOO great...
Comment on SFC15 Day 33 Boiling Point of Survivor Fan Characters
Tailslover13, 24 May 2016 06:10 pm
@Sonofhades: This chump is obviously a troll, going by his random username and stupid profile picture...yet I always yell at him to leave me alone. It's partly my fault, so I'm sorry for that.
Comment on SFC15 Day 33 Boiling Point of Survivor Fan Characters
Tailslover13, 24 May 2016 01:31 am
@uhbihbjnk: Would you knock it the hell off and leave me the frick alone already? I don't want to hear your bullshit. Clearly Taro trusted Ky to watch over the sushi shack, and to not cause suspicion, he put in a substitute for himself. Clearly Taro just wanted to relax after the horrible Marie blindside, since it probably made him very upset. It has NOTHING to do with Ky. Now LEAVE. ME. ALONE.

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