My biggest passion is to write stories. I also love to play video games, play and watch sports, listen to music, dance, and just have fun in whatever way possible. I love Survivor and all manner of fan parodies of it, and I am always looking for new ways to write fun, competitive series that involve other people or their characters in some way. I love Pokemon, Sonic, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic the most.
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@rac567: But in terms of just this season, you have to agree that Sierra has done more villainous actions that have harmed many others' games than Bonnie did. Sure, Bonnie got both Scott and Iyzebel out, but otherwise didn't do much else. Sierra has effectively screwed over almost the entire jury, and everyone left in the game, too. And all while trying to "be a nice person". It just sounds really dirty, even if she's not meaning to do it.
@DryIceBros: You didn't need to do that, silly. Multiple people can see the same thing and share their experience with it~
@SWSU-Master: As they should be at this point. Having "neutral" or "meh" feelings about someone at this point makes for a disappointing endgame. If you feel strongly enough about players, whether that be negative or positive, it means you're gonna feel a lot of emotions going into the finale. And that's a good thing, whether it be good or bad.
@Misterjakester : Actually, someone on Deviantart has a very unique take on the Sierra/Thorne relationship that I'm starting to buy into...

"Its pretty much why I suspect Thorne's in jail for Sierra. Be it that Sierra is the real culprit or Thorne took out someone who was, in the nicest way to put it, not good for Sierra. She can't handle things on her own, so Thorne jumps on the grenade to protect her."

What if Sierra was always the true murderer, and Thorne took the fall for her? And this is why Sierra can't be trusted to do anything at all? Because, as we can see, it leads to...horrible things happening to those around her. It's honestly a disturbing thought, but an interesting take.
I really want to hear all the Sierra defenders and apologists after THIS one. Yeah, it's SO "funny" and "entertaining" seeing Sierra be such a god-awful player. Sure, it's SO easy to feel "sympathetic" towards her. Only it isn't. At this point, Sierra is more a villain in this game than Lewis, Bowser, Iyzebel, shockingly Bonnie, Vinnie, and even her own sister Thorne. While her edit likely won't show it, Sierra is the true villain this season. But she's an "unwilling" villain, meaning she isn't trying to be one, but her actions and her lies say otherwise. She is 100% a villain. Kinda reminds me of Dustin from last season. Sure, Dustin wasn't flat-out an "in-your-face" villain, but his actions and stupidity caused the people around him to despise and hate him and thus he earned a villain moniker without fully meaning to. Sierra has now done the same thing. Really sad, honestly. And, yeah, I'm not saying much about Tialayla because...I don't have much to say about her. She's a badass cheerleader tigress with big boobs and a sassy attitude who is the girlfriend to a wimpy wolf...and that's it. She didn't really bring all that much to the season, if you want my honest opinion. She was only really here to introduce us to Riley, if you ask me. I like her, of course, and she's sexy...but, there's just not a lot to really praise or worship, since...she just never really did anything worthwhile. She was just kinda THERE. Oh, and also, I knew it would be a double-elimination; really not a surprise. Time to see Thorne follow in Tialayla's footsteps for the idiotic move she and Sierra just did.

1. Bowser Jr. (Adore)
2. Riley (Adore)
3. Bowser (Adore) [OUT]
4. Brandi (Adore) [OUT]
5. Vinnie (Adore)
6. Doris (Love)
7. Bradley (Love) [OUT]
8. Damon (Love) [OUT]
9. Tialayla (Like) [OUT]
10. Clydia (Like) [OUT]
11. Cassidy (Like) [OUT]
12. Lewis (Neutral) [OUT]
13. Scott (Hate) [OUT]
14. Bonnie (Hate) [OUT]
15. Rosella (Despise) [OUT]
16. Angelo (Despise) [OUT]
17. Iyzebel (Despise) [OUT]
18. Sierra (Despise)
19. Thorne (Despise)
20. Eli (Despise) [OUT]
@Guest: ...and by splitting up the sisters, HE'S LEAVING HIMSELF AND BOWSER JR. SITTING DUCKS FOR THE SECOND VOTE! Because, yes, there WILL be a second vote. So you seriously expect Vinnie and Bowser Jr. to vote out Thorne...and then what? One of them is immediately going next then, because Doris and Sierra won't just turn on Tialayla and Riley simply because they're a pair.
@Guest: Why would Vinnie and Bowser Jr. just vote Thorne out before Tialayla? It would be costing them a number, and then knowing that Sierra (likely) would go with Doris, Tialayla and Riley, Vinnie and Bowser Jr. would be stupid to vote out Sierra's sister like that and piss her off. So, they CAN'T vote Thorne out...at least not with the first vote.
@ChronoAlone: Honestly, half the commentators on Deviantart are trolls or people who gush over "goddesses" and "trainwrecks" and eat things up that others normally wouldn't. The people on here (as few as there seem to be nowadays, sadly) seem to think more logically or reasonably, with the occasional jerk 'guest' causing drama once in a while.

The people on Deviantart are weird.
@Yumichika Time: To be fair, Yumi, you've done this several times throughout the season, but nobody has really said anything because...well, you're welcome to your opinion.

You've said multiple times how you "don't get the hate someone is getting and it's so unfair" and "I'm going to defend them". Those are fine. But...well, just be careful to not start cursing others out. I've done that before, and it's going to piss people off. I don't want you to get hated on. I know you're not a bad person; just a passionate one, like myself.
@ChronoAlone: I feel the same way. I like giving people another chance in the game.
@ChronoAlone: The 20th season couldn't be all winners, though. We'd only have 19 winners, right? And...there's still SFC17, SFC18 and SFC19 to get through, so no matter what happens, we could get the right number of genders at that point.

But, I doubt SWSU would ever do that; he's vowed to never bring a winner back. But...he also vowed to never use Pokemon, and he did (Lea). So, who knows? Maybe next season will be Redemption Island next, another thing SWSU loathes and vowed to never use.
@ChronoAlone: Riley is likely getting the 5th place "fan favorite" slot, that Diego and Ky have gotten before him. Vinnie or Bowser Jr. is likely coming in 4th, and since this is likely Vinnie's final hurrah...I think he actually makes the end this time. So, this is what I THINK is going to happen, if I had to guess:

7th - Tialayla
6th - Thorne
5th - Riley
4th - Bowser Jr.
3rd - Sierra/Vinnie
2nd - Sierra/Vinnie
1st - Doris
@Yumichika Time: Or people can speak their honest opinions about a character who keeps stabbing everyone in the back and lying to their faces thanks to her creep of a sister. Sierra has no backbone and spine. And it's not something we should hug her and console her and pity her for. It's shameful.

Vinnie is at least honest about his deeds. Sierra doesn't even fess up to how many people she keeps screwing over, because she lets Thorne control her. She's pathetic. And if you don't like people saying that, then that's YOUR problem, not theirs.

Stop attacking people who have a different opinion than you. I used to be like that...and got hated on. A lot. It's not fun.
@ChronoAlone: Of course she is. Unless we have a final 3, anyone she sits next to in the end will win over her. Anyone. Even Vinnie, because while he's hated for his behavior...he at least stabs you in the front and not the back. And, what would YOU respect more? Someone who is honest about how awful they are, or someone who keeps stabbing you in the back while pretending to be your friend? You be the judge.

So, if it's a final 2, Sierra is definitely the goat. But, if it's a final 3, who knows?
Goodbye Tialayla and Thorne, since it's obvious a double-elimination with the odd number of comics at this point. Sierra destroys her game tomorrow in the first part, and then Thorne pays the price in the second part. Watch.

Sierra, the fact that Tialayla says she'd rather vote for Bonnie over you says a lot. And it speaks volumes as to why you're not liked. People can defend you all they want, but once your mind gets turned (AGAIN), as I know it will, your goose is cooked for this game. You're history.

Both couples take a hit in tribal. Tialayla and Thorne. The two T's.
I'd be more inclined to love everything that happened here if I weren't so miserable.
I literally had no idea what was going on. I was completely lost. Doesn't help the fact that SWSU's typing skills are incredibly inaccurate.

And...the most boring character left gets an automatic pass to the final 5 in a game of chance. That's not only bullshit, but it was given to the most useless character left. Ugh. Yeah, screw this final reward.