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My biggest passion is to write stories. I also love to play video games, play and watch sports, listen to music, dance, and just have fun in whatever way possible. I love Survivor and all manner of fan parodies of it, and I am always looking for new ways to write fun, competitive series that involve other people or their characters in some way. I love Pokemon, Sonic, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic the most.
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@SWSU-Master: You will suffer immense pain soon enough.
And, another Discord link to the SFC channel, should anybody want it:

Um...Ella? I mean, I know who she is; nobody knows every single SFC character better than me. extremely weird choice. I'm all for odd choices, but...this one is a head-scratcher. Well, time to look at the final 4 players to make up this 20-person season...

Parmesan - That's...a very interesting job for a Changeling. Plus...why exactly is he a 'normal' Changeling that never got changed? Is he one of Chrysalis' new children that didn't stay behind at the hive with Thorax? Huh. So if Sunflower is just a Fluttershy clone who turns into a bitch, Alleio is a sweetie who turns into a psychopath, does this mean...Parmesan is apparently an asshole who then turns out to be nice? Nah, I doubt it. Lea sucked as a character, so maybe a devious little Changeling will be more entertaining.

Quickscope - Ugh. Well, other than a really cool design and a unique name...I can already tell I'm going to hate this bastard. Let me guess...he's going to have an obnoxious backstory like Ben from Survivor HHH and constantly force his mental condition down our throats, while at the same time being a controlling, cocky douchebag, right? Good lord. I can only hope that SWSU is going to MOCK that Survivor cliche after his anger over HHH, but at the moment, Quickscope looks to be a bad character in my eyes.

Raiza - OH COME ON! Seriously, you couldn't leave Littlest Pet Shop alone after...what happened several months ago? Asshole. But, my annoyance aside, Raiza looks amazing. She looks like an OTTP/OTTM nut-job, and she's a mongoose, which is always a plus. She has a name similar to Renny, too, and I adored Renny. If Raiza is even half the character she ONE episode...she's going to be a star. I'm worried she'll just be ruined and mocked, kinda like how MLP characters tend to be on here, but right now I love her.

Tony - Nice. An asshole character from a TV show full of asshole characters with no redeeming qualities that likely should've died years ago. Him and Lester The Unlikely will totally be best friends, I can tell. much as I HATE negative characters and Family Guy is complete trash...I like Tony. And I like Family Guy. Both of them are obviously awful,'s like fast food. You KNOW it's bad for you...but you're going to enjoy it anyway. So...hey, if Lester The Unlikely can be a charming asshole, maybe Tony can, too.

1. Josh (Perfection)
2. Raiza (Perfection)
3. Ollie (Outstanding)
4. Lester (Amazing)
5. Derrick (Amazing)
6. CutieCat (Amazing)
7. Parmesan (Amazing)
8. Mele (Amazing)
9. Jeannie (Amazing)
10. Tony (Great)
11. Jahira (Great)
12. Amadeus (Good)
13. Jenny (Good)
14. Naomi (Good)
15. Charity (Neutral)
16. Nezumi (Neutral)
17. Joy (Dislike)
18. Derek (Hate)
19. Quickscope (Hate)
20. Kade (Hate)

So...14 of the 20 characters, at least in the cast releases, I like. That is REALLY good. Probably won't end that way when the last comic gets here, but for right now I'm pretty much in love with the cast. A few potential duds in there, like Charity, Nezumi, and Joy, along with a few that are PROBABLY going to be awful in Derek, Quickscope, and Kade, but maybe they'll surprise me. It sucks we have to wait so long for it to start, but...hey, I'm excited to see what can be offered in a Pokemon region!
@TJBambi93: Hey, it's Bambi! A lot of people were asking about you and hoping you were alright!
@Misterjakester : You and Gary are both insane. I appreciate that wholeheartedly, but you have annoyed me, so I will now plotting some pranks and revenge on your asses! HAHAHAHAHA!

...besides, I'm already cursed across three lifetimes. Trust me on that. Won't harm me!

...sorry, I just hate everyone sharing some sort of reference that I know nothing about. I guess it's how I feel when I see people clueless about a famous game like Town Of Salem.
@SWSU-Master: No. I'm gonna call up a seamstress and have her work her magic on him...just in reverse! Hehe.
As always, here is a link to the SFC Discord chat, if anyone wants to join. Everyone is welcome:

Next...screw you, Paine. You're a PAIN in the neck to see and having to deal with you for just one comic is enough to make me want to gouge my eyes out. But, I just had an eye appointment his month, so I don't need to damage them when I was already cleared with 20/20 vision, as always. So, you're lucky. Still hate you, though.

Also, I'll be putting Lester The Unlikely as simply "Lester" in my rankings, since adding a title to his name bothers me and messes with my OCD. So, yeah. Anyway, onto these four characters...

Mele - I don’t really have much of an opinion on her other than that I fear her mere presence in the season has the potential to increase the flame war level dangerously. I could enjoy her but I hope she goes out early just for the sake of peace and...okay, yeah, I can't actually complete that statement. HAHAHAHA! As if! In all seriousness, Mele seems like an enjoyable sweetheart with a lot of fun ahead of her! I really can't wait to see what she brings to the table.

Naomi - Ooh, wow, a Town Of Salem character? Never thought I'd see THAT! It's so random, yet really creative, too! Naomi being a Medium is hilarious, since it's honestly one of the most useless roles in the game...but it's also one with a horrible "curse" in the game: Medium's Curse. It means that the Medium ends up dying first night. So...I'm curious if the same will happen to her (going out early) or she subverts this and goes far. I'm intrigued about her.

Nezumi - If she's anything like Geena, then I'm not too excited. I know next to nothing about Ranma 1/2, but all I know is Geena was pretty forgettable and boring. Nezumi, while having a very cool design, seems a bit...dull? I don't know, I'm not getting a lot to go off from her. Maybe she'll end up surprising me, but for right now, I'm not all that excited. If she has some sort of "secret" like Geena...maybe it'll actually be interesting this time.

Ollie - Oh my God, are you SERIOUS with this? Hello Mercy 2.0! And, hey, Mercy is in my top 10 favorite SFC players of all-time! Yes, I'm not joking. I just love random, pointless, yet murderously-hilarious players like this! You can keep your OTTN female bitches and CPN male douchebags. I'll take the OTTN/UTRN eccentric crazies who are just there to entertain with their insanity. I never thought a Five Nights At Freddy's character would actually make it. I'm so excited for him!

1. Josh (Perfection)
2. Ollie (Outstanding)
3. Lester (Amazing)
4. Derrick (Amazing)
5. CutieCat (Amazing)
6. Mele (Amazing)
7. Jeannie (Amazing)
8. Jahira (Great)
9. Amadeus (Good)
10. Jenny (Good)
11. Naomi (Good)
12. Charity (Neutral)
13. Nezumi (Neutral)
14. Joy (Dislike)
15. Derek (Hate)
16. Kade (Hate)
@SWSU-Master: I seriously doubt it. If he turns out to be that, I will be shocked. Ninjas are not heroes; they are silent assassins who care only about their own well-being.
@ChronoAlone: Well, I did it for you, so it works~
@Blastoise_FTW: Well, I'm going to be using it every single time I say his name, so I hope you're ready. Because I simply can't take that name seriously without thinking of The Angry Video Game Nerd's review of that game (a game which I found hysterical in of itself). So, good~
Another shameless plug for the SFC Discord channel link, if anybody wants it:

YAY! Haven't seen Alice in a while. Really robbed goddess from SFC8, for sure. One of the few breaths of positivity in that negative season. And...well, isn't this quite the lineup for her to go through...

Josh - Well, Meowth has always been my favorite Pokemon ever, so seeing one here is really special! I love him already simply because he's a Meowth. duh.

Joy - Other than her funny last name and her pretty hair, she seems really boring. Not a lot to say about her other than that.

Kade - Nope. Just another CPN douchebag to ruin the game and likely make the final 5 only to get the classic "villain downfall" edit. No thank you. Hate him already.

Lester The Unlikely - HAHA! Lester? Hell no! If someone seriously gave him that name, I'm calling him Lester The Unlikely. Thank you Angry Video Game Nerd for introducing me to that game! He looks like an asshole, but...he's a Pokemon, so I'll love him anyway!

1. Josh (Perfection)
2. Lester The Unlikely (Amazing)
3. Derrick (Amazing)
4. CutieCat (Amazing)
5. Jeannie (Amazing)
6. Jahira (Great)
7. Amadeus (Good)
8. Jenny (Good)
9. Charity (Neutral)
10. Joy (Dislike)
11. Derek (Hate)
12. Kade (Hate)
@SWSU-Master: And I don't really agree with it then, either...but, whatever. I'll try not to think about it too much. In my eyes, it's just a lazy way to make a fan character. It's no different than someone forcing Sonic/Amy into a couple and making them have a son. It just bugs me.
@Guest: You're always welcome, whenever you feel like it~
Okay, so first, if you'd like to be a part of the official Survivor Fan Characters Discord server, feel free to join up here:

Now then...ugh, it's Shaega...okay, just going to try and pretend he's anybody else and just see who we have here in this next part...

Derrick - He looks somewhat familiar. I don't know why. But, an older parent hedgehog? Well, Malik was kinda like that, right? But, Derrick seems...different. Even if he seems a little boring for my taste...he's a Sonic character, so that alone makes me like him. Since I just naturally love most all Sonic characters.

Jahira - Oh boy. So...the angry black girl. Not like we haven't seen that before. But...hey, maybe Jahira will actually be funny and not cringey, irritating, or just constantly OTTN and stereotypical. I can hope! There's a right blend of 'sassy black woman' archetype that I do enjoy, but I have yet to see it in SFC. I wonder if Jahira can deliver on it.

Jeannie - Shantae, eh? Played my first Shantae game last year when a friend bought me one of them for my birthday. Shantae is a hottie! And...wait, a djinn? And...she's named Jeannie? I wonder if she was inspired from the old show "I Dream Of Jeannie"? Well, either way, she seems to be OTTP and spunky, so I'll probably love her.

Jenny - I'm not really a Mega Man person,, it's a fine series. the daughter of Dr. Wily? Isn't that kinda...uh...not allowed? Making a relative of a canon character? Well, whatever. She seems alright. Maybe a bit generic and Ellise-like, but I'll give her a chance. Maybe she'll become the evil mastermind just like her father would want!

1. Derrick (Amazing)
2. CutieCat (Amazing)
3. Jeannie (Amazing)
4. Jahira (Great)
5. Amadeus (Good)
6. Jenny (Good)
7. Charity (Neutral)
8. Derek L (Hate)
@Smasher 101:

I made one already. Feel free to see if you can enter! And I'll make you a mod, too, since it was your idea and all~