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Resuming LeLatte
Hey everybody!

Thank you all so much for your patience whilst LeLatte has been pretty on/off. Things have been really busy for Nina and I but we're still committed to telling our unicorn-loving Dark Elf's story.

We had a great time at MCM Comic Con recently and the reception to the re-print of Issue Zero was fantastic! We're really happy with how these re-print came out and are looking forward to getting Issue 1 completed!

We've got a few copies left and will be at Birmingham Comic Con on the 22nd and 23rd of November. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for details!

Well I don't want to post any spoiiiilllleeers but...


Suffice to say that whenever an Elf of the royal line touches the Keystone they get a very strong sense of what's going on around the stone. :)

Hey Crauss, not sure what you mean. Farris says "You're the first Dark Elf who--" which is correct. "You're" is "You are" - Your would be possessive like "Your cup". :)
This page...
Gets me every time...

Anyway, apologies for the late comic everybody! New job has left me pretty wiped this week and I needed a bit of extra time!

It's one of my favourites! :D

Awww thank you both! :) Glad you're both enjoying it!
LeLatte Issue Zero - Buy now!
Hi folks,

Don't forget you can now buy LeLatte Issue Zero, which contains the entire prologue, from our online store here:

Foooreevvvveeeer! (Oh and buy Issue Zero online!)
In case you don't see today's newspost (or our many social media updates!) we have a limited stock of LeLatte Issue Zero that we are now making available to buy online!

You can head to our new store here:

to pick up a copy of our first printed issue! If we currently don't ship to your country please drop us a line via email, twitter, or Facebook and we can try and add an option for you!

If you're ordering from Europe then the total cost in Euro is 11 EUR (that's the price of the comic & shipping).

If you're ordering from the US then total cost in US Dollars is $15.50 (again that's the comic plus shipping).

If you order multiple issues then you received discounted shipping per copy as well.

If you could please share/pass on the store link we would really appreciate it!

Thanks all and more updates coming next week!
@Claude: I think you might need to check the latest page! ;)
A few people guessed this was going to happen and anybody who picked up Issue Zero at MCMExpo had a sneak peek of this page as well.

Still, hope you enjoyed it and we're coming to the end of the prologue now! Character development hoooo!

Cliffhanger time!
We're currently at MCM London ComicCon so we decided to leave you guys with this lovely cliffhanger! ;)

Mwuwhahaha! Maybe I'll be nice and upload the following page on Monday. We'll have to see!

Loading Image Issues!
Hi all!

Will be cross posting this to the main news page and our social media as well, but it seems a few people have had issues with previous pages not loading properly. This appears to either be a Chrome or Smackjeeves issue and can be resolved by simply clearing your cache!

Please let us know if you still have any trouble viewing the pages!



Thanks for letting us know. I can see the page fine and have asked a few others to check and they haven't had any issues...

What browser are you using? Have you tried refreshing the page etc?
Looks like we're blasting off agaaaaiiiiin!
Here's page 29 for your viewing pleasure!

Next week we are at MCM London Comic Con but will still update as normal (likely an update on Tuesday and another on Friday)

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more details about MCM!

Bonus Update Tuesday!
Hi everybody!

So we're trying something out today based on some feedback from previous pages. We were planning on doing another load of "double updates" leading up to MCM Expo but instead of releasing two pages on Friday we're going to upload one on Tuesday and one on Friday (same time, 8pm GMT!)

Let us know your thoughts!

You know this is actually something Nina and I were discussing recently and we're going to give it a try in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for your feedback!


Aww thanks! I like "Unipower" XD
@Reiu Shanra:

Haha! I think LeLatte would prefer to be rescued by a unicorn over a prince any day. ;)


Uniiiiicooooorn poooowwweer!
Oh no! :(

Hey, thanks for leaving your feedback! It's really useful to get comments like this.

I'm not sure this is something we can fix (certainly not easily) due to the Smackjeeves template/web layout. But I will look into it and see what we can do!

Dun dun duuuuuun~
Alas, our heroine should have listened to "Goatee Guy" a bit quicker...

Enjoy your double whammy!