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@EllaCupcake @Cinnamon @sonics1030
i hadnt noticed either, its kinda cool how everyone just kinda bypassed that like it was no big deal
does this guy remind anyone else of Kisuke Urahara?
Official gym pokemon
judging from the conversation a few pages back about gym leaders using lower pokemon against challengers, would they not have left bob? Could the Cap'n here not run the gym for a while until a replacement is found? great comic still xP
@Magical Fish: if you watch the episode where ash beats him it tells you that he had always wanted to travel and learn more about being a pokemon breeder but never had the chance because his dad left him and his brothers and sisters, so brock had to stay and look after them. at the end of the episode it turns out the crazy guy that helped supercharge pikachu was actually brocks dad, he goes back to his family and tells brock to go traveling while he takes care of them.
EDIT: Aww crap, ninja'd by @Former DT_Fan(Guest) D:
@SaviourInDistress: Well.. can i whistle?
I like that Boulder..
That is a niiice Boulder...
washing the jumper
I think the comments the gymleader is making would imply he was actually raised by arcanine and would actually prefer the smell of dirt to that of a freshly laundered jumper.
Natures people, natures. No doubt this charmeleon has a different nature than ash's charmeleon. Im betting on a totally cute, yet elegantly bad-ass charmeleon.

also, the games are not an accurate representation of the pokemon universe. Examples of wild starter pokemon in the anime include the bulbasaur garden where they go to evolve which houses a wild venusaur, and the island inhabited by wild squirtle which houses a wild blastoise.

You didnt actually think the only way to evolve a kadabra was to trade him to some random, did you?
@ysaking: I think it was Rat. cant quite remember though.
@LilyLackLuster: Like a Salamander i imagine, or perhaps a Chameleon. Some kind of Lizard anyway.