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I'm 19, bi, obsessed with all things yaoi/yuri, and am hoping to aspire as an author.

My deviantart user: lunarosehitachiin (<== You'll find all my better stories and character bios here.)

My tumblr:

Check out my stuff sometime! ^_^
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    ~Luna-Rose Destiney Hitachiin~
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Ok so just gonna put this out there, I re-read this after one of my high school classmates came out as trans and wanted to see how I could help her. It isn't much, but still...
Is our favorite delinquent-Kaidou-look-alike getting off?
Whaa!! Hisawa you better not like what you see! Kaidou will kill you!!
Why do I have a feeling this will be how I imagine Robert Lightwood responding to his son Alec if he came out earlier than he did. (Sorry, Hooked on The Mortal Instruments series right now and I FUCKING HATE ROBERT!!! He's such a prick!!! But the series is awesome. Read it if you haven't!)
Glad to know he isn't in pain, though I am curious, are we gonna see some yummy shower sex? Ok maybe not sex but you know Kaidou must've gotten hard from looking at his love completely naked...
@Crimson Chains: It's actually my first job. I go in Saturday for video training.
Awesome page and they seem to have slept easy. *notices my camera on the ground* OH SHIT!! *goes to get it* Ok it's ok but the data may be messed up but can be saved. *runs off to fix it*

On another note, I GOT A JOB!!!!! I'm so happy!!! ^_^
I agree with Kaidou. No fighting. But it's good to know they had fun... X3
I was expecting it to last a bit longer, but they haven't had sex in 2 weeks so I'm not surprised. *sets camera down for a bit and takes out the tissues* At least it doesn't look like there was a murder or something under the tree... *picks camera back up* If they go another round I'm catching it damnit!!
O///O Talk about a horny little uke...oh my damn...

I have to agree with Quad Crimson-san, you really are an amazing artist. ^_^
That's right Kaidou, work those hips and fuck your sweet uke till he screams as he cums... *fidgets with the camera while shoving more tissues up my nose*
Oh my damn the lovelyness!! *zooms out a bit and replaces the bloody tissues with fresh ones.

On another note, I kinda made a promotion for your comics and some others on my tumblr (I love tumblr...) Here's the link if you wanna look. ==> hippings

If you feel like checking out the rest of my tumblr feel free. It's mostly just random stuff, but there's HikaruXKaoru from Ouran High School Host Club (closer to the bottom) some random things, some MagnusXAlec love (currently my background) and other things like simple rants... ^^;
Have to're a fucking idiot...
*zooms in while shoving more tissues up my nose* Ahh this is quite nice... heeheehee...
@Crimson Chains: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, and City of Heavenly Fire. That's the series I'm talking about. Oh my god if Alec and Magnus don't get back together in City of Heavenly Fire I will freaking cry...Magnus is Alec's first love and may be his last...I will so cry if Alec dies or they don't get back together...
Damn Aki... Kaidou you heard your sweet uke. Give him what he wants! (I swear I think it'd be sexy if Aki rode Kaidou.) *shoves tissues up my nose and continues recording*

On another note, I'm currently spazzing my ass off over what happens in The Mortal Instruments series. I wanna know how everyone survives the aftermath AND I WANT CASSANDRA TO WRITE A NON-TRAGIC ENDING FOR ALEC AND MAGNUS!!!! I swear to god the love these two have for each other is driving me up the effing wall!! *spazzes and hides in my closet* They need to get back together... I will cry if Alec dies in City of Heavenly Fire...

Sorry...I'm being an overly spazzy fangirl...

I swear one day I will write a story where there is a same-sex couple that won't end tragically and all that. I will write a happy ending for a same-sex couple.

Imma shut up now...
Aki you are sexy, but you're also a total cutie. X3 Now just relax and have your Kaidou time...preferably with you riding his dick but whatever...

Ok is it me or does Aki look like a girl in some of these panels? If it wasn't for the fact we've seen Aki naked I'd swear he was a girl...and I think Aki could pull off cross-dressing pretty well. (I actually did that yesterday. I even wore my mens sleep pants underneath my jeans and had them low on my hips just so I had that appearance. It was awesome. XD)
*holds nose* Damn Kaidou!! Talk about major turn on! *grabs tissues and almost knocks my camera out of the tree*

Sorry for the spazz moment BUT THOSE EYES!!! So big and cute and uke-like! X333

Kaidou especially looks pleased with his sweet uke sucking him off... *zooms in with the camera and gets tissues ready so it doesn't look like a murder had been committed under the tree*
Oh myy~ (George Takei moment, couldn't resist XD)*is still at my perch with a video camera* Think we could make some decent $$ off of this? or just have it for our own little fun? XD

Loving this Crimson-san.