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Ahaha, I love how in panels 4 and 6, Merek's right hand guys mirror each other's actions :'D (I love those two!!)
I'm having SUCH a tough time deciding who is my faaavorite aaaaahhhh I reread this and I'm seriously leaning toward Maria and Daniel being my top 2 but EVEN SO. They are all just so well written and so likable, they all feel so REAL! Great job on this comic, I am soooo looking forward to more!
ooo does this reaction mean Ace??? it would be so great if so <3
@hetalia: I changed the drawing style because the original sucked. xD thanks for everything tho!
@Toradora5683: lol at everything x) well I'll try to animate something small first, then. nothing big.
I took the time to re-read the original "Having Difficulty" comic and I realized there were a lot more gay moments in it than I thought, so I think I can get away with them in this comic too...
Anyway, I was reading through them and I ended up crying a few times. I really missed this story.
How would you guys feel if I redid the original having difficulty comic, but as animations? I animate stuff all the time anyway, I was thinking maybe I should animate Having Difficulty...
@Toradora5683: I'm so glad you're glad!! :'D
@crossstitch: wow, thanks! I'm glad you like my silly comic ^^
@hetalia: I thought this might make you happy! ^_^
Robby's back! care to join in the rest of his adventures?
his previous ones are found in
A continuation of the previous comic, Having Difficulty!
@hetalia: Hi! Thanks so much for this, this kinda motivates me! I'll make another page (though I can't say when). I'll definitely continue! I was just... HAVING DIFFICULTY continuing the story x)
I'm really happy you people still know I exist... and I'm sorry, again, for the wait! ;w;
sorry for the wait!
@hetalia: oh yes, I do!!
my deviantart:
my tumblr:

please note me on dA or ask me on tumblr to specify who you are, so that I know!! ^//^
@hetalia: oh my god, you're re-reading it?
wow I feel really honored!! ;A;

what happened in 8th grade will be revealed... eventually xD;
@hetalia: yeah but you won't really get to know her. at least not for a while ^^;
@SamJ: oh thank youuu!!!