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i like to draw... and .... yeah.
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CRAPPY IS RIGHT. no offnese.
oooh its been a long time
is that moniqe? i like moniqe. i like tuna. i like bananas.
to kyo:
i dunno but i like the idea
lol :) luigi...

wats a mario comic without yoshi. he needs a place in here too!
i thinki can guess who that dumb person is.
yay!!! the first mario's day job comic!!!!
yea kinda what takari said. but what does the deodarant say anyway? something-b-gon?
LOL!!! so funny!
a cow... in a warp pipe... ouch
cake!!! yum cake!
yay!!! i finally get to comment on this!!!! your comics are awsome! i started reading them way before i got a membership!!!!
i don't see why people don't like badly drawn penguins. Nice comics.