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Penguin enthusiast & illustrator/animator (illustramator?)extraordinaire; enjoys good video games, good cartoons, good pizza, and good recipes. Weaknesses: Cookies (esp. peanut butter or lemon), Fighting-type Pokemon, any kind of physical damage, really.
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Oh snap, son! Quack Attack got JACKED!!! :D

Copic markers? :D

Intentionally (or unintentionally) adds to the intensity of the situation.
@ChaosSorceror_Davidicus: Prinnies forever, d00d!
I love how dark this series gets! XD
Atticus probably knows Onix is on its last ropes! Also, this is the first time he's taken initiative in Pokemon training! :D :D :D

(His explaining how DT doesn't need him to tell him when to attack was priceless, though)
Goooooo, Dragonthing! You can do it! :D :D :D
Leapin' Lizards!
DT has changed---but for better or worse?
Will Atticus ever drop his smoking habit?
Who names their child George?

Tune in---same Mokepon channel, same Mokepon time!
*bursts into tears*
GEORGE?!? YOU KNEW AND SAID NOTHING?!?! WHAT THE FUZZ?!?! @$#$@#$@%@#$@#$@#$@#%@%^%&%$^$%$^$#%#%!!!!!
I was going to be harsh but you're right---I did the same thing when I first played Pokemon Red. >:[