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You can see just from this sketch that you're really good.
I nominated you for Outstanding Long Form Comic in the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards!
"My previous life probably sucked, anyway." I love how he just shrugs off the memory loss. Most people imagine they were kings and queens in their past lives!
You have a knack for drawing facial expressions.
I've given up on getting good ratings at this point. I don't get many ratings these days and a couple of the few people who do vote are dedicated to giving me low numbers and have been for months. It'd be nice if for once they told me what they didn't like.
Awesome, thanks for listeneing to it!
Yeah, this four-part story is by the creator of Rumf Adventures!
I like them flames.
I have a regular voter who gives 3's. Hey, whatever. Thanks for the support, though. :)
Well, you got it right. :)
Read back. It's there.
A crossover with Michael Dean's "Slither and Friends."
I could have drawn it clearer but the ghost is walking through the door and his head's already through.
I haven't a clue!
Ninja Fork is actually a fan character created by "Anime Mike" and I figured it was time his character met up with mine, hence this comic. :)
Oh, poor dude!

"What if...Frank Miller never took an art class in his life?"
Uh oh...I can't wait to see her reaction when they both fall through the ceiling.
Such language from a sonic character!