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^^ I signed up to read Rain LGBT
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September 19th, 2013
Funny ideas:
Tampons (the expensive awesome kind)
A lacy sexy bra
a g-string

fun idea:
Black Wings Kaminari figure (or however you spell that)
I'm so glad they're finally broken up- for plot purposes, and my fan shipping of Rain and Gavin, Emily, or Ana XD

I doubt to a high extent that this relationship could have been saved- but I'm glad they decided to remain friends and be "GBFs".

I caught that little sting from Rudy for the past two pages. I'm kind of glad he's expressing how he's hurt, and giving Rain a piece of his mind in a more polite manner.

I think Rudy is right.
Considering how Rain reacts to Ana...I wouldn't put it past me if Rudy was right.

I feel bad for the both of them, since it's just an awful feeling. But at the same time I'm really relieved. It just seemed like a lot of tension and such.
August 31st, 2013
Not to be rude here, but come on, Rudy. You're dating a transsexual girl who is obviously extremely insecure...could've done a better job being clear with everything.

At the same time I want to just put duct tape on Rain's mouth. Just because you're insecure doesn't mean everyone has ulterior motives. Trust is a two way street- and you obviously don't trust Rudy to love you strictly for who you are and not the parts you have. Even if you bite first, be prepared to be bitten back.
Private Time
I would personally talk to Rudy about this in private. For being in public, his answer is great. Yet I am unhappy with it. I think Rudy saying he's gay is a red flag of a source of confusion. I dislike the labeling of all of the types of love- but if Rudy loves Rain for who she is inside, and out outside- what is he? But he still says he's gay.

I'm lost. XD
Ideas in my head:
-Transgender sounds unlikely...
-Abuse or assault victim
-tubal ligation or herectomy
-Ovarian/uterine cancers
-Now here is my crazy one:
Kylie is actually Heather's daughter because as a child she was sexually abused/raped/not good things happened and wound up getting pregant (she was one of those early blossom girls). Due to her being so young she had a developed fistula during the pregnancy that nearly killed her after Kylie was born. The improperly healed fistula caused horrible problems and had to get a herectomy.

(. ___.)''' <- rain's face

^^ I like this page. it's a great start to the chapter!
I just have to randomly guess here.

I think that "the exception" would be something as simple as that Rain is the exception to Rudy's apparent homosexuality. I mean, look at that cute picture!

But here's something I think about in terms of plot twists: Ana is the exception. To who? I dont know.

>___> I still want Rain and Gavin to get together lol. but that's just hoping.
I feel like...this will open a can of worms. Oh no...
I like how we're finally exploring Rain's inner thoughts, but I wish Chanel didn't say she kind of took offence right now. This is just my thought; but I feel like if a friend is confiding in you and is upset, their feelings should be a priority until they calm down...Chanel could always just let Rain know later when she's feeling okay...

o 3o but this development, I can't even~ <3
Big comment, oh boy oh boy- brace yourselves:

I am more or less on the same page as Imaginary Girls. I think Rain is physically attracted to Ana or has a crush on her, which makes her feel awful since she's with Rudy right now. But because Rudy is Maria's brother, Rain feels like she can't talk to Maria about it for whatever reasons she has.

Chanel just so happened to be coming in at the wrong place and time, so Rain sort of has to explain herself (Well, she doesn't HAVE to, but for arguments sake...). But the only minor issue with Chanel is how she /might/ tell Maria or slip by accident. Or worse, potential androphobia could freak her out; and since sexual stuff isn't a priority in her relationship she might not understand + potential fear/dislike of men(making Rain probably feel worse, if not better).

Meanwhile Maria is teasing Gavin to be with Ana, but he, as far as I know, doesn't want to and wants to wait for Rain. So if Rain and Rudy are no more, that makes Rain available for Gavin; But what if before Rain&Rudy split (if they do, that is) Rain is already focusing on Ana, and Gavin gave up on Rain an is focusing on Ana too? What if Ana reciprocates to Rain? Would that make Gavin really upset? What if Ana reciprocates to Gavin? Would he feel hestitant since Rain is available? Would that cause an awkward love-triangle with Gavin, Rain, and Ana?

And what about Rudy? He seemed fine with Rain until the transition was mentioned; maybe Rudy is gay after all, and because Rain didn't transition there was a subconscious attraction factor. What will happen if Rain moves on that soon? Would Maria get mad at Rain for that and not telling her about the crush (Or just the idea of the crush on Ana when she's with Rudy to begin with)???

XD and where is Emily?
She still doesn't know about Rain; would Emily freak out? Or maybe Rain turns to Emily for help. Who knows?

A huge.Ass.Love.Triangle. with a bunch of secrets and confusion thrown in with extra people. OHHHHBOY.

(I still like the idea of RainXGavin or RainXEmily lol)

^^ that's whats on my mind, what do you guys think? :D
June 18th, 2013
No worries
You did a fine job showing how Maria was trying to get him away from Ana. No worries Lynn, we got it ^O^ or at least I did hehe
*hitting head*

Hey, on the first two panels on the bottom of the page; is Maria's hair tucked behind her ears?
Agreed ^
I also think it's great that you're showing that transition has its bumps in the road.

^O^ I want to see the next page~
I honestly have nothing else to say except that I feel bad for Rain. Ugh, that must be such a pain.

@Nick: Your comment made me crack up! I was somewhat thinking that too. Just a little though, since I'm not sure about the life that Rain is living (and im a girl, so.. Im in the dark on this)

Wasn't the past crushes name Alison? I remember reading that somewhere. I think they were in the same grade too, unless I am mistaken. So it might not be her after all since her collar is green... hmmm...

;D I hope she likes either Drew or her. I don't really mind which.
I think Emily sort of has a right to know now when you're strictly talking about telling big secrets. Being pregnant in high school is no easy thing to keep quiet about (especially in the later months), and Rain's is difficult as well.

I like this principle: Big secret in exchange for big secret. XD
Oh dear...looks like this is going to land everyone into a sticky mess.
AWWWW <3 So cute~
Happy Birthday again <3