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Hi! My name's Sabrina, I'm currently an art student majoring in Comic design. (is that what you call it? School systems continue to confuse me)
My life goal is to make a body pillow with one of my characters on it.

find me here to check out my other stuff:
I'm also on Y! as Merenwenluinwee
these last couple of pages have been spectacular! I'm looking forward to the next update :)
straight back to the feeeeeelssss
@raziesgirl : disclaimer: While Petit Fours are normally not healthy in large quantities the only risk you run while enjoying this Petit Four is loss of time ;) It's a completely safe addiction~ (unless you like... need to get stuff done... luckily there's not too much of the comic just yet ;) )

I'm glad you like that characters so far! and thank you very much for your lovely compliment <3 <3 <3
@raziesgirl : X3 thank you for giving us a chance and for your comments! they made us very happy <3
sorry about this
Hello dearies!

As you can see there's no page today, but first of all I'd like to thank you for your continued support :)
I made this illustration primarily to make up for the lack of page, but also a little bit because we hit 150 fans! we're so pleased ^^ thank you for the love <3
I'd also like to let you guys know that I /finally/ made some proper character portraits, so go check them out, I hope you enjoy ^^

Now for the groveling,
I really am sorry for the irregular updates lately. All I can offer is that both Lied and I have been busy. Lid'l with preparing for upcoming Animecon (amongst other things, did you know she was a judge for the WCS at Anime Central in America?), and me with the last things for school. SO! we're going to be a bit unreliable for a while to come. I've got a lot of projects planned for the summer as well, so it might be that this'll get worse. Rest assured I'm not planning on giving up on Petit Four! but yeah...

I suggest using the rss alert system or following us on tumblr or twitter to receive alerts on updates :)

thank you!
This is amazing! the story telling is great and I love, no adore! your style. it's very expressive! <3 I'm dying to read more <3
I'm wrapping up all my school business, it may therefor be that there won't be an update next week. I'm going to try my best, but I make no promises.
yeeeaaah I totally forgot to upload yesterday. Sorry about that.
Sorry for the long wait my dearies~
u.u something tells me they're not going to be friends, no u.u
Thanks for everyone stopping by our table during YaYcon and visiting the drawing workshop I did with Sambre :)
I had great fun, and to the visitors, I hope you did too!
@Azure Shade: aaah! that makes me really happy to hear :) Thank you for your comment <3
@Yera: yes.... yes it is :}
Intermission time!
This is the first Petit Four side story we're gonna publish, from here on out it's brand new material never before seen on the internet or in doujinshi :}
This little thing I made for the 24 hour comic challenge, where you're supposed to make a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Mine didn't quite make the length, but it was an amusing side story, sadly not finished yet though!
Lid'l is currently working on screen toning it, and between school activities I'm inking and editting the pages to make m fit for viewing ^^
This is like... the one side story I also did the scripting for, let's hope you'll find it as enjoyable as Lid'l's writing :} another difference with the usual pages is that the inking was done traditionally! it's got a nice feel to it I think :}

Anyway, let me know what you think!
I kind of sprung the health department guys on ya, didn't I? ah well, they'll be back.
I almost feel bad
because it's going to take a while before we pull you away from this cliff.
And the winner is *drumrolls*
On petit Four's character-we-want-to-know-more-about poll, third place goes to~
A shared second place for Michaƫl and Allen, ohohoho could they stand so close together after this chapter?
and a shared first place as well, foooor~
Quin and Najat! Sounds like a crack pairing~

We'd like to thank everyone who voted. In the mean time we continue to work hard so hopefully we won't need too many of the side fics :)
Reminder to vote!
The Poll to vote for your favorite character, the one Lied's gonna write possibly smutty stories about if I run out for pages, is still open! just hit previous and it'll take you back to the voting page :)
Well... shoot
Were running out of pages fast, our current buffer consists out of 5 pages, though there's quite a bit done of an intermission short story I drew for the 24 hour comic challenge and I intend to start uploading those pages after dish 2 wraps up.
Still, just in case Lid'l will help fill the gap by writing short stories that I'll enrich with a little illustration and we'll upload those on days there won't be a page.
We're of course very curious to know what will make you guys the happiest, therefor Lied will place a poll in the artist comment section soon. Keep an eye out for that and let us know what you want <3

- Merenwen