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Dual blader
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Talking Rabbits!
Sorry for the delay! Here's a simple page, there should be some ACTION soon!
Oh no, this is bad bad bad, her expression could not be any better but also not any worse because now I'm terrified! It's so good!

Also, you put to twice in the bubble of the second panel!
Max Rabbit!
Finally you get to see Max's face! He's a rabbit!
and here we...hole
Here's a new page, very simple but revealing! aha
Great page! I love that panel of the door, its perfectly mysterious and foreboding!
This is awesome by the way!
I'm stepping through the dooooooor!
Plot "Holes"
Here's page 5! The plot...thickens?
A new page yeah!
Sorry for the delay...I've been procrastinating a paper that was due Wednesday that I got an extension for til Friday and still haven't started it ahaha oh well, here's a new page!
Excitement is about to ensue, this is great!
Aha, of course he can't afford one!

I love this car scene conversation between them, this story is fantastic! But you already knew that!
Here's page three! Finally some words aha, I'm really just testing out what style I feel comfortable and want to work with, sorry if it's too jumpy or off-putting.
Here's page 2, you know...your typical bar scene aha! There will finally be dialogue on page 3, stick with me!
Here's page 1, this whole comic is just a big experiment for me so I'm trying out different things!
I love everything about this page!
Episode 1
Here's the cover for the first "episode" or chapter thing! Episode 1: How to be Extra Ordinary will hopefully be good and cool and stuff!
Here's the cover to portable lunch volume 001!!!
I love that "chat them up?" face! It's good, I think the details are great!
Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about. This page is pretty stellar. The crowd and background are great! Keep being awesome!
@Grey Annis

Ahaha! Awesome, that's great!

Sorry, but I think it's "permeates"