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Hey guys, I'm SaviourInDistress, but you can call me Sid. I like pokemon, fantasy and faffing around.

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@nope: just thought I'd say the holyhandgrenade is a she.
@IlluminatedFantasy: Thank you :D I based it off my chocobo plushie.
Tried a different method to shade. Still not 100% happy with it but I think it's less messy than the last one.
The game was metal gear rising revengence for those wondering. I desperately wish I was better at that game but Bladewolf murders me everytime D:
Hiya Everyone!
Welp I guess it's time to get started on my first comic. I'm basically doing this to gain experience in drawing and to just have a bit of fun. I hope you like it and thank you for checking it out.

Updates will probably be weekly, but as I'm not in uni at the moment I may update more.
nice save there Alison. I'm starting to really like her :D but what did she have her crying session about?
@Falconer: As a youth I can confirm I am too lazy to make cereal. I much prefer expending effort to make a delicious roll and sausage :D
@LittleLynn84: as another ace girl I can tell you I have had a few issue myself. Alot of people that either find out or I tell I am asexual are confused and just don't understand, no matter how much you explain it to them, as they are used to getting that "zing" or whatever it is they feel when they see someone attractive. It's aggravating to have to explain it and try to justify it to people. In the end most people just shrug it off as you being weird and never actually come to accept it which really annoys me as other sexualities are becoming more accepted. Just thought I'd put across my issues as a cisgender asexual. It must be pretty hard to deal with those telling you that you're confused because of transition. I get the whole "you just haven't met the right person" spiel myself. I think people find lack of attraction so much harder to accept than attraction to the same sex so heartily agree with you on the discrimination we get.
I'm cisgender and have had this happen to me just because I prefer short hair like Rain reluctantly has. They asked (or rather shouted) are you a boy or girl. I just told them "does it matter?" and that shut them up. Unfortunatly for trans it does matter obviously. I've never cared much for gender so don't affected by these questions but I feel it may be important to note that all kids are brought up on the concept of boys having short hair and girls having long hair that when they see something that conflicts they ask about it. They aren't meaning any harm (well most) and are actually just questioning your hair length. Probably not the case for all of these incidents though. Some kids just like being mean....
@Guest: electric attacks are half damage on grass pokemon. Which is an advantage.
I've been looking forward to everyones reactions when Ireth shows up. XD I have a feeling that most people are just gunna be annoyed. I know I would be. I'd be relieved and then I'd punch them. In the face. Because they would deserve it. If ireth thought things through she probably wouldn't get into as much trouble as she does, the silly sausage.
@H0lyhandgrenade: You and your ninja fixes :P
@Daevin: where? it looks fine to me.
You have no idea how happy I was to wake up to ten whole new pages. I love your portrayal of sans so much!
I see one easy badge from the bug gym leader. I mean he's already destroyed an entire forest of bug pokemon, what's a couple more.
@loveturtles: She never cut her hair when she was pretending in front of Aiken. She tied it back and just changed her clothes.
I'm kinda confused as to why people would demand the story to be changed. If you can't handle the story then don't read it. It's not going to be a particularly great story if when Rain comes out as trans and everyone accepts her and everything is hunky dory, now is it. People have to go through trials and tribulations in order to get to the happy ending and you shouldn't have to apologise for creating such a trial.
Stories are supposed to make us feel, be it joy, sympathy or anger. It's all part of the fun of reading. If people can't handle that and demand the story to be changed as a consequence then maybe reading is not the past time for them.

I love your story Lynn and I hope you never feel pressured into removing anything because you feel some people wouldn't handle it. This is rain's story and we are all here for the ride.
@cathyfan: I suspect Farah might burn kellens house down when she finds out... I am looking forward to Farah's reaction.
She looks cute with short hair but it should really be a choice. I can't believe Kellen would be such an ****
Don't worry Rain many girls rock the short do! or you can use hair extensions till it grows back.
Please don't cry, you'll make me cry...
He needs a superhero name. I nominate Pukeman the Protector of carpets.
Rat will never get a break :(