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I like Smack Jeeves since it has so many webcomics.
So who I am really?
Well I am Christian that reads webcomics. Being in college I really don't have much time (math major at the University of Minnnesota). I like following web comics since they really only take a few minutes every day to follow 50+ stories.
What still more?
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    Joshua Cress
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Great 1st and 4th and 5th panels. Nice joke in the 6th panel. Great page.
Nick gave her courage...awww. Nice 1st and 3rd panels. Great page. Nice awkwardness.
Aww cute page. Nice choice of expression on HG in the 2nd panel. Great page.
That was deep props on Hack Girl being deep enough to say the last line. Also nice expression on HG at the end there. Great page. Also nice page design.
Wow, the writing of this page is amazing. Few pages make me laugh at multiple places. The frist 4 panel combo works nice, and wouldn't be complete without the words. 6th panel and 7th panel are nice combo and help develop Nick's character. 8th panel has the great 1st creative joke followed by the classic "you don't understand the large words you are using" joke. Then the "But you used them correctly this time so ten points." was also nicely placed. Also nice use of the flipping timer. Well anyways, great page.
Ahh, I see now. Creative choice of a love interest. Great page.
Well this is a great creative choice. I don't think there are any panels at all. Great page. Nice placement on the word bubbles.
Digital artist not hooked up to the internet that's like suicide. Great 4th panel. Nice overlap of panel 2 and 3.
So I went on DD after it came back up to find that you had a facebook, where I found that you moved here. Congrats on 600+ fans. Great page. Nice creative page design. Also great expressions.
Great second panel, nice choice of color to focus. Also nice job at doing the expressions, they are really well done.
Great page, I really like how good you did the deep inhale you did in panel 4. Also nice choice on having him calmly raise his hand first.
Great detail on the last panel, nice use of shading.
Great page
Nice choice of sweater explosion since it was so stretched thanks to the last character.
Great page!
August 18th, 2013
Great Page.
I like the 1st panel with the detail and slight smile. Also take your time it is your comic and I just follow an RSS feed so I know when updates come and I don't need to constantly check for things, but thanks for the reply to my other post. Seriously though take your time you are doing some amazing detail and your story is just starting, it sucks more when there is a cliff hangger and the artist just disappears.
July 12th, 2013
Great page.
Nice choice of expression in the 1st panel. Hey man I would at least wait for the explanation, but I mean this has been pretty weird so far...
A week late.
Well I saw on the RSS that you might not be posting pages. Take your time and do what you need to, your pages have been great and your story so far sounds interesting. Well good luck.
Well the making of video is really cool, nice work putting that together. The cover looks great. Also interesting suggestive title. Great choice of having their eyes point different directions and great shading on the coloring.
Dang, nice detail. Also nice coloring. She looks great.
Well that makes sense. Also Great last panel it looks great.