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    Tony Law (Not really my real name.)
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Fresh Prince of Bel' Air..... That was an awesome show.
Another origanalish charecter bites the dust.
Your lucky you don't live where I do....
Tasteless doesn't exisist though.
My head hurts from faving this too hard.
Tony Law
November 27th, 2008
Last panel was epic.
Sonic Adventure = Tails having a flash back about how he joined.
Why are bubbles always soooo strong? ;_;
Black or not. I question if you paid attention in school. "Niggers" endured physical abuse, hatred, and emotional abuse. Most were seperated from families. They were forced to work with no pay. They were whipped if they got tired. "Niggers" Were treated unfairly and are still have bad veiws towards them to today. I don't give a damn you and your "black friends" laughed. Hell I am seriously black. But no matter howb you put it "nigger" is a racist word filled with hatred. trying to exploit it for jokes is wrong.
Go to hell. That wasn't funny.
Tony Law
November 24th, 2008
@Afroman: CSI proves that wrong all the time.
Have you considered mabye some people are YOSHI fans? Your not the first one to have a yoshi form BTW.
Promise her 10 chest full of rupees?
Faved cause of you mentioning Spore. ;D