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That's wonderfully written, and I love your are Midori!

I love how quickly you are able to get me to connect to characters you just introduced. ^.^
*Feels bad that he hadn't been reading this by now*
Not only is it a guilt thing, but it's really good Midori! ^.^
Anyways, keep it up, I'm finding the whole thing wonderful so far!
Actually, I'd prefer NOT to ignore the pants, I really, really, prefer En to have pants. XD (And honestly I think they look just fine)
I really should comment more, but I never really have anything to say besides what a great job you always do! ^.^
But yeah, congrats on the modship!
That's a really nice job, as always!

We're going to have to go into some of the other anime super powers here soon.

I bet no one remembers that Rini is a Magical Girl but us.
Is one bad pun.

I love this picture though.
Errr yeah....
Our original idea?
Not like we just grabbed a random English to Japanese dictionary and combined two random words in no real logical manner, or some thing to that extent...
Heh, heh...
Well, that would be because this is real! ^.^

We decided to try giving Shasu a Live journal for her character profile, and En and I will update it from time to time, with relevant things about what's going on in th comic and such.

Check it out!
Crap, I need to get writing...
Heh, yeah, we're starting to get into things now!

Loving your work, as always, Pyro!

As for you fans, next comic, we'll have a little surprise for you all, the start of a rather... interesting, take on a certain character's profile, plus it advances the plot too!
Look Forward to it!
Quit trying to get out of it!
You have to embrace the writing of the requests En! Don't try and shove it all on to Pyroman! XD

Anyways, I blame you for our comic not being accessible to the blind, because that was totally your job, FOR SHAME! XP

Anyways, as a bit of explanation, that off screen speech bubble comes from an AI-character, the admin of the Anime Invasion (remember, this was based on a forum), who we literally did make too important to throw in with the grunt soldiers. The result being, that while I can promise an important role once introduced, it's probably going to take longer then any of us would like it to... Sorry. :(
Glad you were able to find it again!
For future reference
works, so you don't hafta remember that smack jeeves stuff...
Hmmm, I'm thinking those 4 would be Rini, Shasu, En and DL, as they are the ones who are in it the most, am I mistaken?
Well my interwebs win
Quick fix on my part then.
Hah, I (4|\| d00 teh ar7zz!!!1!!one!!!

Nevermind the fact that it's just a flipped "'"...

Really it's not a big deal, the only reason it's "á" in place of "a" is because when I first wrote it the word didn't look like it would sound right with just an "a", I think this is even worse then my intention, but at least it looks cool. But yeah, the uppercase ones are hard to make.
BTW Pyro, it's LOWÁT not LOWAT.
No big.

@Pixie: Bah! Is DL crazy, or is he more sane then any of us?
Personally I think En's the crazy one, because he puts up with it.

@SuperBiased: Telling us to have a nice trip, shamelessly plugging their bus line, their days were numbered!
Well, yeah, regardless of what two prosecutors from a certain video game series I have become obsessed with say, that is the best thing to put in a coffee mug!

Yeah, but one thing that disappoints me is that with the disbanding of the AI is how En and I have changed this comic to fit the lack of contact we have with the original character bases (IE you all). Don’t get me wrong, I’m fond of Rini and the non-AI member gang, but it’s sad to think that everyone doesn’t get the limelight they would get (or at least get as quickly) otherwise. Of course, if that were the case, this would be something entirely different...

Anyways Midori, stay tuned, next week (IE weekend update), we’re either going to do you proud, or royally peeve you with a horrendous misinterpretation of your character, and I can’t wait to find out which!
Couldn't they have sprung for DSL?
Lovely, as always.

Aww, poor Midori, she looks so tired, but her mug is really cute!
Hence, my "+",
I, didn't want our new reader to feel left out... XD

Oh, That first line got copied in? Oops, I had wrote that before I relized it was already up, and that it wasn't that big of a deal. Really, it's not.
*runs off to edit*
Sweet 50 Fans
Mmmm... DL learned the word "car", good for him!

Psh, I guess they don't make these "cars" as study as a Lowátian carriage...

Crappy Dirtian Technology...

50+ fans??!! Super Nifty, *does a jig* let's all take a moment to thank Al Gore for making this possible!

And, of course, thanks to all of you as well! I'll personally ensure we don't disapoint...

...Or else... *Shakes fist*
Shasu looks really cute in the last panel.

And I just realized what an insane ammount of text we put into this comic...

Darn it, we were working on that!
Aww, I like it! Ninja's "disguise" is awesome! >.<

Anyways, just felt like posting that it happens to be my birthday today! By the time most of you read this it won’t be (it’s around 10:30 at night here) but still, feel free to wish me a belated one! XP
I think you did a fine job with the car! I'm also impressed that you got the steering wheel on the right side for an American car, En and I had totally forgotten that you guys drive on the other side of the road in Australia and thus, forgot to remind you!

Also, today’s strip is brought to you by the letter E, and the number 23.