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Nothing is ever that simple. For all we know, he could end up discovering a previously unknown material that is better than any he named, but chances are that would be an A or S class dungeon, even then the likelihood is quite low, he'd probably be more likely to find a treasure room over flowing with Platinum and rainbow colored pearls
And life experience kills the mood
Maybe his dad can help him with that little project he was testing in the dungeon
And that is one of the reasons Tilly is the Team Mom
Sometimes you need a little push in the right direction
I believe that answers his question
I think it would be nice to see the families of the rest of Cal's party sometime in the future
I suppose now would be a good time for Mute to point out the lack of Ryne's presence, he's been out of conversation for a while now
Sounds to me like his folks get the whole story, not surprising
Something tells me that if Rune actually part of the discussion, instead of falling to her current circumstances, she would have some ideas for names, insignias and building aesthetics. Shiloh might join her in on that last one, he seems to be all about the aesthetics at times
Seems Tom has doubts about some of his life choices, but is still dedicated to seeing their resolution in his eyes
Well, at least she knows how be honest without giving any secrets away.
Looks like she finally entered the moody stage of her rebellious faze
It seems Joel is the king of dumb ideas
Something tells me this is just the beginning for her
Those 2 are adorable together, I have a feeling Angie and Prismo might get there at some point in the future
Well, I guess it's time for the Doctor's most classic tactic... Running.
I think she's undermining herself with that last statement
@Marshal Banana: I'm guessing the brick, she seems too attached to the car.
Probably means he'd had his eye on a few people, among them Otto. Blue probably picked up on that little expression in the second panel, she's a smart girl