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Videogames. Anime. Mochi everywhere. And don't forget to bring your favorite/most painful airsoft gun.
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All quiet
I miss this.
I was constipated. It's different.
Wouldn't it be just fucking hilarious if he forgot his password......

No, no it wouldn't be. I'd actually, probably, have to kill everybody within a 5 mile radius.
Lol. I meant the author......
The matter is, whatever happened to him is probably his own business. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do here but wish him well. That's about it.
No, no you may not. Once an Anon, always an Anon. Or maybe it's the other way around.....
Yea....anybody know anything? Don't want to have to find where he lives to to make sure he's okay, but if the comics are at stake....

Sammy- I want an achievement. Nothing more.
Yay I'm a member now. Too bad Rinku was already taken...