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Hey there, if for some odd reason you stumbled upon this page and wondered "who might this be?", then congrats for finding me, someone of no importance (hence having no comics of my own). I wouldn't consider myself to be an artist and I have little experience with the metaphorical brush but I find the comics on this site to be entertaining enough for me to put up this account and so here it is. I'm in the class of 2014 and I'm not really the most interesting of fellows so I'll should be ending this wee random bio, but again bravo at finding my profile page. By the way, I'm American, I am only stating this because of the substantial amount of UK and other folk I have found on this site and I just feel its something to be pointed out.
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Pokemon Stadium
Fairy, fairy, fairy, fairy, fairy, fairy. Clefairy school systems are quite abusive.
That's what they all say... then they feed... (each other that is).
The magikarp is a lie!
When everyone thinks it'll be a magikarp, that is when you switch Gen and make it a feebas.
Wanna go Out?
Rejection level: Not a single fuck given...
The only way
Offer George's hat!
Is it just me, or are batman and the robot by his feet having a dance party.
ze lazers
Sharks with lasers
Dinosaurs with lasers
and that seemingly racist Chinese bear
kakuna, what kakuna?
Its kinda funny, especially since 80% of the kakuna in Kanto have "magically combusted".
. -Golly!
@william21: yeah, I just said twig because I couldn't really find another comparison for them. Just remember that I didn't say pixie sticks instead.
@william21: They seem a bit too curved and they don't branch off of one "main horn", or whatever the base of a horn may be called, to seem like deer horns.
You can always trust the swag twig-headed collector... or iGod...
The full metal alchemist baby