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Name: Damita
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Nationality: Hispanic
Sign: Cancer
Chinese Calender: Snake

Occupation: Student

Hobby's: Drawing, writing, anime, manga, video games

Likes: Yaoi, apples and peanut butter, my ferret Tentou, my friends (Duh!), my xenophobia

Dislikes: People who put others down, meeting new people..., school, my own art

Note: I know my art sucks. You don't have to tell me. I'm still learning and I'm not the greatest just give me time to make it better.

Ayu's Mirror: Dead
Peacock: Dead
What Happened To Good Old Fashioned Disney?: Dead
WoW WTF?!: On Haitus

My Icon: Ayu from my comic Ayu's Mirror

If You Want To See My Writing Check Out:
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    Damita Perez
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February 2nd, 2008
Nikolai is so freaking glomp worthy!
I like Romy's original design. She seems more cute to me.
Jelly... You are so freaking awesome!
Haha... Not a penis joke...
What they do to gays in that household? Does that mean there are more of them? I mean his dad's got this all planned out and everything!
I would so kill him.
O_O" OMG... She scares me...
That is the most attractive way to make out. :pukes in mouth a little: I think I'm gonna go throw up now...
I love the "My feelings are too deep for reasonable plot development" line. That made me laugh.
Oops. He should know better!
Aw. Poor thing! He just needs some hugs! :huggles:
OMG! The panty shot!
:confused: Wha?
Josh has always been May's bitch. You're just now showing it. ^_^