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My name is [REDACTED], I love writing, drawing, acting, and stuff, despite not being especially great at any of those. Especially stuff. And things

I'm writing a book, but I draw in my free time. At the moment, when I work really hard, I can get my work to straddle the line between bad and acceptable, so I'm not expecting to make any real comics soon. I've got ideas in the works, though, so if you're interested in working with me on something, let me know.

My book is called Fariah-Dai, and I am a ridiculously slow writer. It is about aliens. Also people. The aliens and people do stuff. Sometimes the aliens and people shoot at each other. Sometimes the aliens and people don't shoot at each other. It's all very exciting.
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Marchen is German for Fairy-Tale, no? That's a neat little detail.

Love this so far.
The Rate button seems to be hiding from me. :\
September 19th, 2014
"Just get us on the ground!"
"That part will happen pretty definitely!"
I've decided I love this comic. 20 pages in, and I love the art, I love the setting, and I love the characters.

Awesome work!
I love your comic, but could you enable the widget to pick up where I left off? Without chapter divisions or page titles, I kinda have to jump around to find my old spot when I leave and come back after a while.

Your art style is cool, by the way. How long did it take you to get this good?
Oh dear, problems are happening again
Must... resist... urge... to link to "Friday" music video

Wait, what the heck am I doing? It's 12:30, it's not even Friday anymore.
No, no, it means the warning tag itself is a choking hazard!
"Well, why put the tag on in the first place?"
Don't be stupid; If they didn't have the tag on there, what would warn you about the choking hazard the tag presents?
We shave our dogs for the summer; It's always surprising just how short their tails really are.

Well, that was abrupt.
Hey, I love the comic so far - Is it still active?
Tablet ideosynchrosies

It's sort of like cars, you know you need a new one when it takes you longer to explain the weird eccentricities it's picked up than it does to use it.

(Mine requires me to start up gimp, draw, close without saving, restart the tablet service, and open gimp again to get the pressure sensitivity to work. There's probably a way to fix it, but I'm lazy :P)
"Oh yeah, that's why I'm eating spaghetti with a grill spatula out of the dog's food dish"
When Keno blinked, it surprised me and I blinked too.

So I guess it's a tie?
I'm curious as to why you're using XKCD characters for this.
What did he seeeeee

I have to wait to find out. This makes me sadness.
This raises the very very interesting question of WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU INJECT A MOUSE WITH BABY MOUSE BLOOD.
"That's what people on epic odysseys do, right? Rest and share expository backstory?"
That moment when you write a charrie death so sad that it makes you cry...

And then realize that nobody will ever be that affected by it except you.

That's a neat trick with the water!

I'd put the old chapters in a custom page. Whether you would want to include the page in the menu bar or just link people to it, that way people could see it if they wanted to for some context but you wouldn't have to include it in the actual comic.