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Im an artist and I love art!! My name is Harold. I also like comics and Im very discerning
hollyhandgrenade if you are there i am very sorry for corsing a cafuffle about your comiic and i have made a picture to show how sorry i am thanks!!!
it is here:
@h4rrish4wk: you make it sound silly
im glad you took my advice and decided to do your own story, this is goood i like the chickens!!!
my wife warned me about bullying on the interent but i didnt think it would be this bad!!!
its ok though because i stand up for what i beleive and then i sit down and have a cup of tea actually
please have a look at this which i think answers your questions:
@Tijopi11: millions of them you say!!??
its out of control then!!!!!
but someone needs to let them know there wrong to do this. will you help me comment on them all???
@WolfChild18: i think you should calm down and stop trolling!!!
No its true!
@whut.: im not "trolling" he really did steal them look here they are:
"Created by Ken Sugimori" NOT holy hanggrenade!
I've sen these before you stole these characters from the game pokemon!!!!!