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We're a brand new popping drawers team.
We all have different styles,but passion about storytelling is our guideline.
Come in and enjoy, It's Popcorn time!!!
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Sorry for all delays guys! Got some work and unfortunately the comic get disadvantage :/
Hope you'll like new page!
After a couple of week of caotic Easter's hoiday, we've got the new page of Unforgiven! Sorry for delays people! Have a nice read!
Hi guys! We're sorry for the delay recently >_<
We've got some job left behind and unfortunately we have to set apart for some weeks the comic.
Thanks for your patience, have a nice read!
This comic is really wonderful :) i love it
@Razies Girl: Thank you! I'm really happy to see your appreciation to my work :D
@Aurora: Nono, รจ Goonter! XD
Unforgiven Comics
September 30th, 2013
@ReverseJunk: Io sono la Signora Nesbit! MUHAhAHAH!
Hi people! Here the 3rd chapter of "Unforgiven"!
We're sorry for the irregular posting in summer and late times, we've got some work problems and times get shorter for our webcomics (which sadly doesn't give us food instead of our jobs >__>)..
We thank you for your support and thanks for reading! Hope you'll like next chapter! BYE :*!
Thank you!! :D

(Shhhhh, don't spoiler u.u ;P)
I'm sorry for the delay, i was very busy with work.
I hope you'll like this change in style, i don't even know if i will draw next pages in this way.
@ReverseJunk: Grazie :DDD!!! Ci stiamo dilettando con un poco di animazione XP
Hi guys! Sorry for the missing upload of past weeks >_< We've got some works and also few days of holiday, so pages get slow! Hope you don't mind and you'll continue to read ;)
@raxas_: Thank you! You've made my day!
@ReverseJunk: E vedrai dopo!!!
You know, girls are made so...u.u
Yep, i'm really sorry XD
The mistake was the order of the pages, now i've fixed all.
(Ok, now is clear that i'm overworked -.-)
Thank you!
@Johnney: Ok ok, i'll not thank you anymore u.u
Thanks for the new followers!
And thanks for all the other that continue to read!
@corruption: Orly?? B-but this change everything...They wants to cheat us! Bastards!
I'll tell it immediatly to our master! Thank you!
@tokyoJ: Thank you! :D