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Mage and Dwarf collabs

Hello everyone! This is the Mage and Dwarf collaborations! We are two artists that have combined our talents to create comics. For now we will be doing just one serious comic with a plot (sketch adventures don't count) but who knows what the future will bring!

Mage - Ugne. (Preferred to be called Melody)
Dwarf - Ellie.
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    Ugne and Ellie
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Mage speaking:
She used a move after Charge. I thought the fast progression of the fight might be a good indication that she wasn't talking about charge in the 3d panel. Sorry for the confusion.
Mage Speaking:
Mhh, the pacing of the story feels a bit off or me. I'll have to fix that in the future pages :T

But for now, enjoy! We're nearing the end of chapter 1.

Anyway, Me and Dwarf are gonna go to London MCM expo on the 26th! If you're gonna be there, feel free to say hello to a tall GLADos and a short Space Core cosplayers~ 83
Mage speaking:
Oh my god this page is just too cute!
Mage speaking:
Yeah, there is! Three words: Blood and death.

Mage Speaking:
We're really sorry about all these late pages, we're still not used to managing our time properly. Please be patient with us. xD;

Haha... in un-related news, if you like ponies you should go check out mage's pony commissions~ >w> it'd make Mage a happy bunny~
Mage speaking:
A-aww... that snuggling up was so adorable~

The bubble things worry me though. .u.
Mage Speaking:


But yeah, anyway, extra update to make up for the absence!
Mage Speaking:
Not an April fool's joke! A legit update!

Ahaha... sorry about the delay, my fault this time... (though dwarf didn't help!) It's sorta explained in our little doodle comic here: ne/

By the way, speaking of us, we have our own art blogs!

Dwarf can be found here:

Mage (yes I draw too) here:

Mine's relatively new, so there's not much on it, but there will be!
Mage speaking:
On behalf of Mage and Dwarf: we find RGB very handsome and fancy! ...That is a good thing and we mean it as a compliment. xD

Also can't wait to read more of this! This is so far a very clever and original story and am enjoying every page of it~
Mage Speaking:
And here we are, late again. :T Blame dwarf okay? This is totally her fault... her and her... dwarf things...

I mean.. We're really sorry! This is really new for us so it's a bit hard keeping to our set deadlines. But we're trying, really!
Mage speaking:
Ah, your comment is a little hard to understand, but... from what I did understand is that you asked if she's going to have a rival like in the games? To answer that I'd have to say no,it wouldn't fit in with the story.
Mage Speaking:
And then she died. The end. The moral of the story is: never stick your DS out in the rain or you'll get electrocuted. Thanks for reading, goodbye!


*chuckle* Okay okay, it's not the end~ xD there's lots more to come~ see you all next week~
Mage speaking:
As an apology for not being active, we bring you an early update! c: See you all next week!

P.S. Check out a new comic Dwarf and I started. It's called 'Mage and Dwarf sketch adventures!' And it's just... well ... silly. xD
Mage speaking:
On behalf of Dwarf; thank you. c:
Mage speaking;

On behalf of Dwarf and I, we apologize for not updating in such a long while. Dwarf has been very ill and just now managed to get better. We will do our best to make sure this does not happen again in the future.
Mage speaking:
@DracheLehre: Oh wow! I've never met a legit shiny or got a pokerus in any pokemon game! >,: Now I know where all of my luck went! xD haha~