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I'm just a typical Asian from Asia.
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    Eunice P.
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No guarantee of update
No guarantee of update.

Geez, I should be working on my other comic for the publisher instead of working for this webcomic free. =A=
@Yanik: OTZ is actually an emoticon of a person kneel or bow down on the ground. XD

Sorry about that. What I meant was to update the comics.
@Mythee: And you still remember? You've got good memory. XD
@Yanik: Sorry, my English is bad. OTZ
@Yanik: Ahah, thanks! I can't be certain of keeping up with the updates but I'll have to see.
No guarantee of update. I never expect there are some people who still remember this old comic after I haven't updated it for like... 5 years?

Thanks for the support! ^-^

And yay for art improvement~
No guarantee of update.
No guarantee of updates yet after few years of no updates
I won't have time to update often, but I'll try. Sorry for the lack of updates. :)
Sleep first. Comment later...
Resume update~

Thanks for the feedback guys. ;D I feel happy when seeing old readers coming back for this comic after a year no update.

Not much people requested for the previous page but I suppose the readers here have a different taste towards the genre of comic.

Oh, I hope you guys don't mind the quality of this page. I drew this page on my bed. So, the image quality might be a bit messy.
Pfft... no one commented? >.>
Phew! Daily updates wasn't easy. I may probably take a break from update tomorrow. ^_^

Previously, someone asked whether Unbi really has a heart. Actually, he has one except his heart is probably closer to reptile's or an insect's heart, which is essentially void of human emotion such as love, compassion, sadness and so on.
Yes yes, more updates coming right up. |D

@The White Blacksmith: Nope, he only swallowed and stored it somewhere. The human body is amazing. |D
How you guys enjoyed the storyline so far? :P
Just another filler. I'm not a fan of fillers either but bear with me as I need to use this image for the welcome page. I'll see if I can update another page tonight. If I can't make it tonight, it will be tomorrow.

Full speed ahead!

P.S. For all the readers who are coming back. You are all awesome as well. |D
Another Update?
Yes, indeed! Thanks for the support, guys! ^-^ Never thought I would see some of you guys coming back.
If you can't remember. You should rereaaad. |D
Gasp, another update? Yes, I did say I'm going full speed ahead. Thanks for the welcome back! You guys are awesome. |D