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@Ugogoo: I'm sorry but it's not :C
at least not by me, as the artist
@Dragon: the real joke of this april fools joke is i can finish the page right now but i probably wont even finish it (i should really update but things.... happen)
@acehighjackers: there is no update
rtstuck is over
everyone can go back to school now
@spaceythings: :D it's a song by called Rise (what i remember)
:d we decided not to let anyone listen to it til the flash came out
she'll upload the full song soon :D
@Forest-Girl: yep... as soon as smackjeeves starts complying
@johngirl: actually i had the talented draw joe, she's gonna be helping out with the art
@Rai: i want black jack and hookers! TAKE ME!
@Rai: sorry its gonna take 3 more mins, i wanted to get pasta
@kateinator: iits comin
@Guest: go on
and you'll find download links by album ovo
@ForeverDreamingInRed: we'll update soon :D
sorry it's taking a while
<:3 work and school and all that jazz
@stubborn_jerk: holy shit!
:u you got em all right (cept for gus, thats burnie) but omg
@Irval: naw its fine, sorry bout that... but Im not even sure how to fix it .... so im really sorry for the inconvenience but I cant do anything about it right now <:3 <3