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I'm me. I like a lot of things. I'm easily amused. I'm a fan of gay relationships in comics. Woot.
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I live for the hover text. xD
It's still in my favorites. :) I think I need to go back and reread it though. I'll look forward to new updates! Welcome back!
Yay! \o/
Not gonna lie. I would totally read that.

This made my morning. xD

I don't think I've commented before. Love the story and the art. My heart is fulfilled as I read about this tumultuous relationship's start and where it has come to. Looking forward to more. ^^
@lazesummerstone: I am super excited for D2. Hoping to get a few good raids in before they release the beta. I'm hoping they pick up some of the loose ends at some point.

Also, this poor Dreg. xD I think he's my fave so far. Hahaha.
It'd started reading this once before, but lost it. Now that I have completely caught up, I would like to say that your artwork is beautiful, I very much adore the forms each of these beings has taken under your hand, and I absolutely love how you've told these stories. I love Greek myth. I spent the last couple of days sobbing. Ah... <3
Much as I love the comedy, I was hoping for some background. I feel like the moments of seriousness make the comedy funnier.

This comic cracks me up. I love the presentation of the NPCs. I will never be able to look at Shiro the same way again... xD
September 25th, 2016
Is she calling The Wild Hunt? Or am I mixing my mythologies? I need to reread this from the start some time, lol.
@hikkikomori: Ah-hahaha!! xD Hajime overloaded.
Lol. Exit figure looks like a portal dude.
September 12th, 2016
That was an excellent text book. I took Comics and Graphic Novels as Literature some years ago, and it was an amazing resource. I still have it somewhere.

/has been reading a while, and naturally comments about the text book reference, lol

I am greatly enjoying the story, and I love your art style, and how expressive the characters are. I also love the changing sizes and perspectives of the images; it feels like reading a comic panel-by-panel as opposed to page-by-page, and that's really kind of supercool. The color scheme has had me on edge since the beginning; I'm always waiting for the next big thing to happen. The overall feel is definitely that of struggle, and it's amazing.

/retreats back to just reading
@hikkikomori: homigosh evil. x_x Glad you're back now. <3
August 27th, 2016
I think one of the bulk-options would be better, at least for me. I'd forgotten what was going on at one point, even though I'd been keeping up with updates, and had to go back to the beginning to understand the story again. (Which I'm loving, by the way.) So at least for me, I think a bulk option, while it may be less frequent, would work better. :)
Ah! You're suddenly back! I knew I was hanging on to this one for a reason! ^o^ Glad you're feeling better. :3 The struggle is definitely real with depression and life. Glad you're doing okay. <3

Aaaaand looking forward to updates, irregular or otherwise!
I hope you get well soon. :(
Oh lord xD
Hajime, you can't win. xD Or maybe you can...? >>