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The doctor ALMOST raises a valid point, but then asks the wrong question by making it all about the self.
@Gazz-Salad: Of course. :) I'm just expressing my interest; don't interpret that as a demand that you SPILL THE BEANS RIGHT NAO or anything!
Love how colorful she is, while still fitting in perfectly in this gritty world.
Oh, I really like this page! It seems similar enough to a world that I'm already familiar with (i.e. the real world), which gives me a mental foothold as a reader. Curious about how this is all connected to everything that happened in chapter 1.
Oh, you don't want to be a big brave dog in that situation. You want to be a big brave cat, or perhaps a goat -- SOME animal that's capable of climbing that kind of terrain! XD

Very nicely drawn, by the way, that panel. It's just a silhouette yet it expresses a lot.
I'm actually okay with believing that she simply prioritized self-preservation over the life of a stranger. That seems good enough to me for now, if she may have had other reasons.

The only problem with that is, if that's the case, I don't know why she would risk her life to go on this trip... I suppose that will be explained in time -- sooner than later, I'm hoping!
@Zhanein: I'm still new at this livestream stuff. Let's see if I can figure out how to keep a recording of it...
July 26th, 2013
@Xero: Well, I'd like to hold cars in drawings to the same standards as humans in drawings. :) Clearly I have a long way to go.
Turns out I'm gonna be out of town for most of Thursday, so here's an important announcement: livestream will commence on FRIDAY at 6PM EDT (New York time zone). Hope to see you there!

Oh, and if you haven't seen the original announcement with the sketch of Phoenix, that's one page back. :)
Exactly what it says on the image. Sorry for all this absence; real life has not been smooth sailing lately.

For your convenience, the link on the image is:

The pic I will be coloring is the one of Cygnet with wings.
June 30th, 2013
@Crowlet: I cannot find the words to express MY own excitement and joy in response to your comment. <3 So I'm just gonna say... Thank you! For reading the comic, and for letting me know how much you enjoyed it. It fuels me to keep going when life doesn't want me to work on the comic.

I think Haru-Sari and Chi-Min are difficult names to remember, being foreign and all.
A work in progress. Sorry for the delay; the finished version should be up on Monday.

Also, the shortest chapter title ever for this comic.
June 26th, 2013
@Crowcumber: That's what she said.

...Not literally, but yeah, that sounds just like June's own reaction!
June 17th, 2013
Sorry about the little delay. This marks the end of Chapter 33: Phobia. I need to take a short break, so the next chapter will begin on June 28th. I will be updating the ask blog in the meantime, though.
June 13th, 2013
Still not very good at drawing cars. One of these days I'll get off my artistic butt and do a "draw 100 cars from life this month" thing.
June 12th, 2013
@Pan77155: Glad you're enjoying the comic! Thank you for telling me about it; I really appreciate it. :D

As long as you're not mistaking Leon for Chi-Min or something, I think you should be okay. Some people thought Francis (Cortinon's daughter) was child June, though, and they do look similar...
June 11th, 2013
@Kiki M B: Haha, he looks a little cranky to me!
June 9th, 2013
@Zhanein: Pretty sure when I find enough time to color this one, I'll probably have a newer page that could use coloring!
June 9th, 2013
@kimushii: I think that would have been Chi-Min's reaction if he had been a normal person ._.
June 9th, 2013
Check out the panel with Cortinon, which is actually a speech bubble of sorts. It's got a bubble-ception going on.

The SFX in the last panel is supposed to be car tires on gravel~