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My prediction? Onix turns out to be made of Thunderstones
@YAYY: electric works against rock, just were no pure rocks in gen 1
@OmegaZxA: False
Generation I to III

Thunder Wave paralyzes the target. Thunder Wave can't affect a target that already has a major status ailment, and will not work against Ground types.

From Stadium onwards, Thunder Wave can't affect a target that has a substitute.

Thunder Wave is unaffected by Volt Absorb.
@Evilbob: specifically dbz. naruto actually shows the passage of time generally, or that it's simultaneous w/ the other events
@Samiya: Still couldn't fly in first gen, even with wings
He was passed out drunk in the Japanese version, but censors didn't want alcohol references in a children's game.
my favorite part is where he just accepts Atticus' answer at the beginning. thirty nine, okay.
I've been rereading mokepon and noticed something. Toby was in it. How long have you been planning this?????
Started this comic again recently. Forgot about the endings. Always read them in the anime narrator's voice.
Tail Fire
Technically, the tail fire thing is only in Charmander's Pokedex entry. it may not affect Charmeleons and Charizards in the same way.
From the FireRed entry:
Charmander: From the time it is born, a flame burns at the tip of its tail. Its life would end if the flame were to go out.
No Pokedex entries of Charmeleon or Charizard state that their fire is their life force.
if only I could give you all my monies without going are one of my favorite authors.
I am Team Abraham.
You know, Abraham van Helsing.
The famous vampire slayer.
@Natain: I wasn't trying to feed him. I was attempting to troll the troll.
To the Guy Who Hate Fun, Happiness, and Kittens
You are either overreacting or a troll. Also, this comic is written by a girl,not a man as your first comment suggests. Besides, if no one used each others' ideas we wouldn't have electricity, or the radio or television. The radio was actually Thomas Edison's invention, but he gave Guglielmo Marconi the patent. The Internet itself was created to share ideas so you are being a hypocrite by using it.
This is why you do not go off the path
@KirtiMiko: Mine did. It ran out of Hardens and defeated brocks onix with struggle.