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damn you ray i hate you. your the one who fucked up jullians mind. adam would've had his boo
Greatest Bday so far awesome update but sad feels for Cole. @Mechanicalpenguin you got me in my feels on my bday lol
Really OMG darn con's
Otakon really kills a person I'm glad to see that you're back.
I'm so scared daddy got Cole. Please dude get up and get him.
I was at Otakon and couldn't find you
Sorry when I met you again I wasn't my enthusiastic self but I was really happy to see you again. It was just to hot and I had to many photo shoots and that scythe was heavy. I love the sticker though thanks.
Poor baby
It sucks to be sick hope you feel better. Why do illnesses like coming up right before CONS UGGGGHHH. I can't wait to see you again. I love all your stickers I get them every year. XD
My poor baby he was so close ugggggghhhhh. STUPID TELEMARKETERS WHHHHHYYYY
You look like a sexy model you knew he couldn't handle all this sexy its over 9000
No let Cole go. Ugh why
It's the adorable gay vampire from the flower shop maybe?
Lol waifu angry he just made breakfast
Please don't let it end I love this couple
You evil man stop torturing my baby.Cole I know you feel ill but help your boo off this emotional rollercoaster 😱😱
This is so sad.ಥ_ಥಥ_ಥ I hoped he wouldn't find out like thato(╥﹏╥)oo(╥﹏╥)o
July 3rd, 2015
poor baby
My Cole hes so scared :$ :(
somebody gonna get the d next page lol
Get better soon
i hope you feel better

Adam what are you doing? Bae can cook, hes sexy, and is good in bed. Please dont leave him!!!!!
Love ya Biscuit
omg just started reading and this comic is beyond amazing. I love the characters. The story line blows my mind.
yep hes afraid of everything