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November 13th, 2018
Panel 2: Is Al sampling different kinds of pizza and toppings for the wedding? Pizza... to serve at the reception?

That looks like pizza to me. I see thin slices of something with toppings of various sizes, shapes and colors. It does not look like cake to me...
Bacon is one thing. But not icecream! Say it ain't so!
I can't remember if this has been asked before or not, but:

Didn't there used to be a Top Web Comics vote button or link? And, if so, what happened to it?
Kenno Cola?
Kenno Cola... Heh!

But, yeah, that's messed up that all the hybrids still have to go through the cycle.
@Merceneiress: You should definitely give Orville a chance. It is quite funny. Even aside from the humor, it's worth a watch. It actually feels more in the spirit of Star Trek than the new series.

Also, you really have us on the edge of our seats here. Hope there aren't too many casualties among Tirin's friends before the dust settles... She already has her work cut out as it is without having to do everything herself.
@Lloyd: I don't believe that you're missing much by not watching the new series. I've seen the first episode of Discovery and they've changed so much that it is barely recognizable as Star Trek. The new Klingons do not look anything like either original series or Next Generation Klingons. And they certainly do not behave like them. Instead, they look and act more like the Remans in Star Trek: Nemesis. I guess the producers really wanted something different and "edgy" to appeal to a younger generation. Even the show's intro looks and sounds completely different from any other Star Trek series. It's like a complete departure from anything fans knew as "Star Trek". Admittedly, I'm biased. I just can't forgive them for rebooting the beloved universe and destroying the Vulcan homeworld. They should not have messed up Vulcans or Klingons, the two fan favorite races. It seems many execs and directors these days have NO RESPECT for fans. Indeed, CBS's exec admittedly hates sci-fi. Go figure...
Fel sounds afraid. Is this a trust issue?

My parents were married nearly 40 years and never divorced. It was 'til death do they part. And it was not like they were staying together for their children, either.

But then, they married later in life. I think a big part of why divorce rates are high is due to couples getting married too young or rushing to get married. That, and getting married for the wrong reasons or with unrealistic expectations. Changes in culture and family values may be part of it, too.

Thing is: Worldwide, marriage rates are way, way down. U.S. marriage ceremonies peaked in the early '80s and are now at a record low. Many factors are blamed, including a widening income and wealth inequality, rising costs, a fall in religious adherence, a rise in career women, a switch to cohabiting instead of marriage, and more.

Society's attitudes about marriage, cohabitation and gender roles have been changing.
Perhaps a Q&A?
Those are some good questions. I'd like to hear the answers to some of these, myself.

Perhaps Kenno would consider holding a Q&A session some time, like I've seen many other webcomics do? That, or maybe post an "interview" where Fel or Mugger or some other character answers some of the more common questions?

Getting a license would be impossible. However, finding someone to "officiate" some sort of unofficial "Civil Union" shouldn't be. If it does not have to be legally binding, why couldn't any of hybrids say some words, tell them to exchange rings, etc?

Besides, there are certain ministries for which anyone can apply ONLINE to become an ordained minister. Why couldn't Dr. Duerf, Michael, or Deniz?
No to marriage? How about a civil union?
Al should have expected something like this.

They couldn't get married, anyway. Fel is not legally recogized as a person, let alone a citizen. She does not have a birth certificate, national identification number, drivers license, etc. As such, it would be impossible to apply for a marriage license.

Aside for religious and romantic reasons, a major reason is the legal protections and privileges. But it's not like Fel would see a marriage tax break or health insurance discount. Health insurance wouldn't do her good, anyway. Nor would the legal right to see Al in the hospital be useful.

(BTW: Michael must keep the girls' employment off the books.)

Even though Fel has met Al's parents, it would be tricky to hold a ceremony with relatives present in a way that wouldn't cause problems. I doubt all of Al's relatives would be as clueless or open-minded as his parents. Why take such a big risk of exposure?

Anyway, there are up to 5 alternatives to marriage: Civil Union, Domestic Partnership, Cohabitation, Living Will, and Common Law Marriage.

A romantic partnership often means compromise, doesn't it? Instead of marriage, perhaps Dr. Duerf could 'officiate' a Civil Union at the Den, with the hybrids in attendance? It's not the same as marriage, so why would Fel object to a Civil Union?

Not sure if Al's parents should attend. Perhaps they could hold a separate ceremony, insisting to his parents that they keep it small - nobody but them?
" I could imagine four places that could easily afford the bill. "

Guest wrote:
" Wouldn't surprise me if the US has a few hybrids stashed away for good measure. "

Mika Kyubi wrote:
" ...It's location in the Pacific, outside of but close to America's Exclusive Economic Zone... "

The Human Genome project was one of the world's largest collaborative projects. It was funded by various countries, it involved 20 universities and research centers around the world, and took 13 years to complete. Now, try to imagine a single country doing this. And not in the '90's, but back in the '80's! And try to imagine them not stopping there, but using it to engineer supersoldiers... in secret!

The fact that Hedron is so close to North America and how it's situated in the Pacific suggests that it likely has North American nations as trade partners, if not allies. (But it probably also trades with and has ties with some Asian and/or Pacific nations. It probably makes much of it's income through trade.)

I doubt Hedron could have completed a hybrid project without help - both in terms of research and funding. Human cloning and certain types of research is illegal or considered taboo by citizens in many nations. Most likely, they had a secret agreement with one or more superpowers. If other nations provided some resources, they'd do the research in secret and on their own soil. In return, they could provide support nations with either embryos or a supply of hybrid infants for them to train.

Dr. Duerf may not have been privy to the secret deals with other nations that made this project possible. Secret stuff tends to be compartmentalized and 'need to know'...
Black Pete
" Prediction: I think there might be some strays. "

" Either that, or there was already a super smart hybrid already working things out... "

Possible, I guess. With such a large island, I have to question why they believe that if there were any survivors they'd -have- to reside in or close to this big city they live in. Hiding out in a rural area, abandoned facility, or the wilderness would be a much smarter way to avoid detection.

I guess it's possible that one of the hybrids got wind of this or was quick on their feet, organizing a dozen or more to escape together.
Mika Kyubi wrote:
" ...wonder if Hedron isn't basically an artificial island. "

From the map, Hedron looks far, far too large to be an artificial island. If it's anywhere comparable to California (at it looks it), that would be roughly 150 thousand square miles! The only way that could be artificial is if they had Star Trek-level super-science. That, or -maybe- by using a bunch of nukes or something to repeatedly trigger undersea volcanic eruptions.

Black Pete wrote:
" If Bonnie had only humans to build a baby with, the hybrid part, would eventually water down into irrelevance. "

Not necessarily. Look up "parthenogenesis". Some female animals can clone themselves. Often, this requires the presence of sperm from a related species to trigger this, but the father's DNA is not used.

Their scientists genetically engineered and cloned them. And 3rd gens were designed to reproduce. I think they were smart enough to realize that they needed to keep hybrid traits dominate and prevent gene dilution. Besides, they are most likely too genetically dissimilar to humans to otherwise produce viable offspring.
February 28th, 2017
That wordless stare...
What's up with panel four? Turtle girl and the tiger girl on the left, I could understand throwing those 'dagger eyes' in a stare of disapproval. But... Fel?

Dr. Duerf has been over to Al & Fel's house numerous times, usually to pick up Bonnie after training, but also to talk with them. Fel hasn't shown any animosity towards Dr. Duerf before - not that I recall. And considering how close "Auntie Fel" and Bonnie were, I can't imagine Fel still holding a grudge.
February 21st, 2017
"Le Stripes"
Heh! I really like how Fel's tail changed to "Le Stripes" in the panel where they're visiting France. The croissant on her tail and the stereotypical french bread on her back were nice touches, too. :D

For practical reasons, though, I'm thinking that Fel should be the one wearing the helmet, not Al. ;)
September 20th, 2016
So this particular movie does not suit all of them. But that's normal.

Yeah, I thought Pacific Rim was pretty good. Definitely enjoyable. And the CGI was amazing. But it's just not for everyone.

Hopefully, the next movie is one Green and/or Fel can enjoy.

Also, since they are all couples, I wonder if there will be a romance or romantic comedy in the mix? (Not likely, if Al picked all the movies.)

Personally, I think I would have included the Fifth Element. It has a bit of everything, including action, comedy, and romance.
September 13th, 2016
Nice change of pace...
I'm glad that we have a scene change shifting to something light. That last arc was very touching, but it was also extremely deep and existential.

I'm also looking forward to seeing which movies they picked and the girls' reactions. Since this is their first movie experience, I'm guessing that they picked classics that almost everyone has to agree are great.
Who's the big guy?
Who is the big, husky guy in the bottom panel, on the far left, standing behind Al? I can't place him.

Just a suggestion, but: Fans would appreciate it if you had a Cast page. For some of us, it's hard to remember all your many wonderful characters' names.
Hardly seen any movies?
Wait... So it's been how long since they escaped the lab? And they've had regular access to the Internet, most of them even using it as their only means of income? And none of them have ever seen a movie aside from 1 or 2 they were shown back at the lab? Have any of them ever been to Hulu? Vimeo? YouTube?
Those hands...
A robot for hair styling? I mean... those fingerless hands do not look dexterous enough to deal with hair. Does it at least come with detachable hand attachments, like hair brush, blower, or clippers?

Or, is it so high tech that those are obsolete? Maybe it uses lasers for cutting, ionization for hair placement, and a built-in dispenser for hair gel?

Still, metal hands... I'd imagine it might feel like a human stylist trying to work hair with kitchen utensils. O_O