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Happy belated Vincent birthday. For his birthday he wanted fan comics... and a butt plug (x-large).
That's real sweat because Vincent is a real man.
Vincent, I've been trying to call you and get ahold of the gay half of you for some red hot phone sex.
Sadly, the great roof cave in of March destroyed our beam... and most of our hopes.
I just plain old don't like Colin Farrell.
I see you're still 15.
Sorry for another half drawn comic. I just found it and figured what the hell even though its kinda shitty. There will be photo comics from now on.
This one is the original comic Vincent made to convince me we should do a webcomic. If something gives me a million boners per second per second, I approve.
I was bored one day many, many months ago and attempted a drawn comic (well, partially drawn). Vincent refused to post it but since I'm posting now, it's up. I don't know how I feel about the look so I may do more in this style or just keep with photos.
That's right, I'm 22 and wish I was a centaur.
Dear Loyal Fans and Giac,

Vincent has been a lazy jerk lately and refuses to post, saying he will do it later. It has been almost a month now and, as you can see, the jackass still has not posted. I am sorry.

When did that happen?
I like this comic. My hat is sweet.
In 3 years from now, when you're old enough, ask me again.
sweet, someone gave us a 1!
oh man is that ever true. i am one creepy photographer.
Originally Vincent was the one who stayed awake, but he was too embarassed so we switched roles.
well if you gave us a six, then who's the douche who gave us something low and didn't even have the balls to say why?
Check out that sweet beaver shit. Best birthday present ever... except for my Doors magnets.