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I'd love to join (again)
Hey all, I'd love to join you all again in the making of this comic, hopefully I'll be able to update a little more than last time, though being at university may mean not.

Though I'm willing to give it a go if you'll accept me? Maybe I can organise my time a little better so I can get at least two or three pages of comic done in a week. :D
Hehe, Cute. :) Merry Christmas everyone, have a good day!
I agree. We've moved pretty quickly. And we do have quite an awesome cast of people working on this comic. I applaude all of you for your hard work and dedication. :) Let's keep it going.....

Oh and I love the dress! Sweet.
Both I and Blaze are scared....... hehe. Love it seriously.
Awwwwww, sweetie. Awesome pic by the way :D
One word, Awesomeness! You rock!
Loving the idea of putting song lyrics over the picture.... maybe I should try that :) I'm loving the whole coupling thing that's going on at the moment. It's so fun! Love all you guys, you always make my day.
Sweet :) Nice work! :3
Just a really quick ten minute sketch on the back of my physics homework. Oops. :) Hope I got Fire right from what I could remember whilst sat frozen by the radiator waiting for my maths teacher to turn up :( But I just wanna draw for this comic! Whooo!

Anyone wanna make a concluding part to this?....
Okay so Blaze has read the letter from Fire, but doesn't know how to respond. Should he go for it? Or should he carry on his care-free style? Bless him he needs advice and is turning to you guys! He's soo confused.
Yeah, I too am not a fan of the music thingy. Still this is a good idea, I was getting confuzzled about the whole plot thing.....
Hehe It's Blaze as a ghost and Epona as a pumpkin. Don't ask I was in a random mood :) Happy fourth-coming halloween people!
This is bloody awesome! I love it! Good guess with Epona, damn I still need to colour here reference pic, but her hair is grey/silver at the front and dark purple at the back with dark purple eyes :) still excellent!!
hehe, I think someone’s getting ready for his school photo, that or he's trying to impress someone, still those lessons in smoke manipulation seem to have come in handy no?

Yeah, didn’t have the time to colour him in completly but still I’ve posted! whoo happiness!
Man I've been away for too long. Damn college and the lark. May I join too tylar? I don't draw enough as it is, this may be the kick up the backside I need :)
Ah, I didn't say she was evil, she could just be swayed that way if that's the way you guys want to take it. So I gave you the option to do what you will with her :) She could be taken advantage of and forced to be evil, or she could develop a sense of loyalty whicc she may wish to portect, therefore being good and helping the others.
My second character! And she's evil in the cute and cuddly kind of way, if you get what I mean. :)

Oh I will colour this when I get the chance, promise.
You know I have an idea, not plot wise, but how we can avoid confusion and all that jazz later on. You'll all think I'm stupid and what not after this but hey this is my idea:

Why don't we get on person to pick the title of the current chapter, then that person tags another person who has to start the comic, who then tags another person after they’ve drawn their page, who then does the next page and so on and so forth. That way, hopefully everyone gets to have a go a creating a page, plus we can't put up another page until the person has finished theirs.... If you get what I mean. That way we have a comic flow, with chapters, plotline etc, and less confusion. And we can still put in the random stuff whilst we wait for whoever to draw their page :) Well that's my idea. It's stupid I know but thought I'd share as everyone else is :) Don't hate me...
Yay! I posted a page, a very quick one, but my stupid scanner did not do a good job of scanning what so ever. Grrrr. Anyway's, Blaze's first day.... I leave it to your good imaginations to put names and voices the the speech bubbles in the last panel. :) Thought It'd be fun!
Love it!!! :) Oh my, I really need to do something for this collab, I haven't done much at all, being so bloody busy and all, I'll try to post something real soon. Promise :)