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I'm Dr. Drago now.
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    y u need to know my name?
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If you're gonna ban me.

Ban every one of my accounts before you do it.

And I didn't even comment on my Unknown Hybrid account.
made him look more lynx-y and made his pants a bit lighter, although the pants still need some work...
I made him look more lynx-y and made his pants a bit lighter... I need to work on the shading for the pants though...
Pretty obvious what I did here.
commenting because reasons
@NekoVira: So its god-mod to get out of a chair, but its not when someone turns foam spikes into real ones? What kinda mixed up world are we living in...?
@METAL SHADOWmk80: *gets out of the chair before he does it* lel
@NekoVira: You do know the quills can grow back, right?
@NekoVira: I like porcupines better though. I like how they can use their quills as a weapon.
@NekoVira: Don't forget about porcupines~
Funny how this argument started just because I called a orange super sonic with green-ish blue shoes and a blue bandana a recolor.
I was speaking the truth 'ere. Plus, hedgehogs are overrated. Make 'em a hyena or coyote or something that's not a hedgie (lel this last sentence is ttly not relevant in any way).
@NekoVira: *sits in the chair*
@NekoVira: K. I'm guessing he was probably Nyancat6650 or something ( this is not relevant in any way).
@NekoVira: Oh yeah, those foam spikes.
@NekoVira: I dunno. Does the corner have candy?
@NekoVira: Minor edits are still recolors. But recolors with clothing are still recolors, and a bandana is clothing. And thus, this is still a recolor.
No wonder you made him a sanic recolor.