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So the tribes are... were... will be... will have been counterparts to each other from the same settings in different eras? Very exciting. I am going to have enjoyed this.
Sweet moonbeams, that was easier than I expected! I thought they'd need to have Parm play his idol or something to make it work. Still, can't complain about the results. So long, Tony, and it wasn't nice knowing you.
Oh, wow. Jeff is one cheeky devil. To think they went through all that effort and getting fire-blasted, and ultimately it didn't make a difference how they did. I just can't stop laughing. This is gold.
Well, Lester the Unlikely has become Lester the Utterly Impossible. Karma did have to catch up at some point, after all. He served the story well, but I can't say I'm sad to see him go.
Wow. Mele pulled off simultaneous awesome and heartwarming moments twice in a single comic. Impressive.
GG, Quickscope. You were a mix of fun and obnoxious while you lasted. It's a bit sad to see him go, but at least he didn't overstay his welcome.
Wow, this Tribal Council is going to be all over the place. So many possibilities. Josh or Quickscope seem the most likely, but Tony might do something dumb at Tribal Council and get himself voted off. Mele's almost certainly safe because everyone but Quickscope sees her as an ally, and the only way Kade is going is in the unlikely event that he and Tony split their votes up while Mele goes along with Josh's plan. I'm going to go for the long shot and say it's Tony.
Joy is gone. The people I was worried about are not. My plan worked. Goodbye, Joy. You were all right while you lasted.

Also, the female players seem to be getting voted off early this season.
Dang. Two of my favourites from this tribe are on the chopping block this time. I'm going to predict that it's Parmesan going because, given my tendency to be wrong, it should keep him safer.
And I was wondering how long it would be until the next med-evac, too. Yikes.

I didn't like Amadeus, and I did hope he would have a downfall, but I wasn't hoping for something like this. He didn't even get to say goodbye.
Wow. Parmesan broke the gamebreaker. Nice work, little changeling. Just hope he didn't hurt Amadeus too badly in doing so.
Wait, I was right? Apparently Naomi's abilities are rubbing off on me a bit.

Naomi will be missed. Getting the seer bandwagoned early always hurts. Still, at least Jeannie is safe for now. All in all, could be worse.
Time for me to start making bad predictions again!

Story-wise, Naomi makes the most sense, since she had her moment and trusted the wrong person. However, if she and Lester vote Jeannie while Jeannie votes Lester, then the only way she could go is if Kade and Joy both vote for her and the tie breaks in Jeannie's favour. Logically, I think Jeannie is probably doomed given how many ways things can go wrong for her. Either way, Lester is unlikely to go.
Dang it, Derek, I care! We're talking cool timey-wimey shenanigans here, with so much potential! Why must intelligence-hating jerky jocks ruin everything?
I see Raiza favours the "cut out the middleman" approach to love triangles. That's one of my favourites. Probably not best for this one, though - Josh is too good for Tony.
@SWSU-Master: It's more a matter of how they're used. The cyan and magenta are both very striking, but they clash when they're right next to each other like this. Having a colour between them (like black, white, or a nice blue) would help smooth over the transition while letting them be as vivid as ever.
Yikes. The colours at Tribal Council hurt my eyes.

And so Charity is gone. Probably the member of the tribe I was most neutral on, so not a huge loss - better her than Josh or Raiza. Still, if Amadeus is here to stay, I hope he cleans up his act a bit; I really don't want him to become another Enter.
Hmm... I kind of wonder if Bonnie's mother is actually dead, and if so, how much Bonnie has to do with it.
@ChronoAlone: If so, that makes it odd that Riley would be absent before she was, rather than both at the same time. There's probably some other explanation. Part of it could be what it looks like, but there's got to be something else going on too in that case.
@RedBeryl: Sounds adorable. I'm really fond of cats. I've never been able to own any myself due to my mother's allergies, but I hope to some day. I hope those little kittens have happy lives.

By the way, tortoiseshell and calico cats are indeed almost always female. The genetic factors responsible for the colour pattern require two X-chromosomes. However, about 1 in 3,000 tortoiseshell cats are males with a certain condition that gives them an extra chromosome. Fascinating, isn't it?