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Hmm... I kind of wonder if Bonnie's mother is actually dead, and if so, how much Bonnie has to do with it.
@ChronoAlone: If so, that makes it odd that Riley would be absent before she was, rather than both at the same time. There's probably some other explanation. Part of it could be what it looks like, but there's got to be something else going on too in that case.
@RedBeryl: Sounds adorable. I'm really fond of cats. I've never been able to own any myself due to my mother's allergies, but I hope to some day. I hope those little kittens have happy lives.

By the way, tortoiseshell and calico cats are indeed almost always female. The genetic factors responsible for the colour pattern require two X-chromosomes. However, about 1 in 3,000 tortoiseshell cats are males with a certain condition that gives them an extra chromosome. Fascinating, isn't it?
It's back! It's back! It's back!
Finally! I'm looking forward to what this new season has to offer. So we've got a Weak But Skilled tribe facing off against an Unskilled But Strong one, like Brains vs. Brawn 2.0? This should be interesting.

Thoughts on characters so far:
Panel 3: Hmm... Probably going to be a smart analytical type. Could be either a well-meaning honest type or an arrogant controlling type. We'll have to see.
Panel 4: Whatever this thing is, it looks like it's going to be the energetic hammy comic relief.
Panel 5: Kind of oblivious surfer-dude. Could be amusing, although that kind of shtick can get old after a time.
Panel 6: Very, very French. Thankfully, probably can't cheat as much as Enter. Still, I'm a little concerned about another manipulator.
Panel 8: Looks like a cross between Mac and Eric. Not too interesting yet, but a source of positivity is always nice.
Panel 9: Hmm... May be either armed with powers to control the game or a total red herring who thinks they're armed with powers to control the game. This'll be interesting.
Panel 10: Noticing the cast full of supers, but only having the power of turning into a squid? I think I like this person already.

More news as it comes in.
Holy carpentry, I called it! I called it! Hooray! I was really hoping this would happen. I mean, I like Jojo, but Liz really earned this victory more.

All in all, a decent season. The only problem was that I kept losing my favourite characters. I guess you are breaking out of the even-season curse.
Woo! About time! Goodbye and good riddance, Desmond. You had it far too easy.

I think (and hope) that Liz is going to win this one, because this move was gold.
Hmm... Looks like expecting the worst worked. I predicted wrong, just as planned. I think I'm on to something here.

Hunter was a jerk, and won't be missed much. Still, I'll give him a bit of credit: At least he was honestly a jerk.
It happens every time. You get in the bath and someone wants to discuss strategy with you.

So, I don't know who to expect gone. The plan against Hunter is a bit too obvious, and something tells me Desmond and Ivan won't be going too much further together (that might just be wishful thinking, though), and Yukie seems a little too confident to last much longer. I'm going to guess Yukie, so that either I'm right or someone from the alliance I dislike gets taken out. Just as long as it's not Diego...
Hmm... I'm not sure what to make of Jojo and Stagg. Jojo is zig-zagging between being fun and being a jerk, while Stagg is a pretty decent person except for the whole anti-human bigotry thing. This is complicated.
No! NO! NOOOOO! Dagnabit, why do I keep getting attached to doomed characters? Oh well, at least she went out with a smile. You will be dearly missed, Tyra.
Ooh, Generic Smuggy McSmuggins vs. Generic Smuggy McSmuggins? I like where this is going.
@SWSU-Master: Well, SOMETHING is likely to get killed with Thorne around.

Other things to say are that Desmond just plain disgusts me and that Diego is growing on me. The former is terrible at being a decent human being while the latter is terrible at NOT being a decent... non-human being?

I rather liked Buddy. The sudden switch to him being Sir Swears-A-Lot did shock me a bit, though. Oh well, I'll miss him anyway.
Oh dear. The targets seem like likeable sorts, and the decision-making group contains my least favourites. This is bad already.

I suspect it won't be Buddy since that seems too obviously forecasted and he hasn't really had development. Yukie has been standing out, but voting for her hasn't been discussed. Both Thorne and Liz seem like potential targets for both the visible and the less visible groups, Liz moreso now that the alliance is exposed. The big alliance could also be so divided that the others are able to blindside one of them, but that's probably wishful thinking on my part.

I'm going to guess Liz, and hope my track record doesn't lead to Buddy getting taken out.
Ooh, this is going to be exciting! Since Immunity means one member getting long-term safety and voting power as well as saving the rest of the tribe, there's going to be a lot riding on it.

To be honest, near the start of the strip, I thought the twist was that the voted-out person on the winning tribe would switch tribes. That would probably make for an even weirder twist.
All right, it's moving! I wondered how long it would be.

Adeline: I don't really know what to make of her, but I don't think she does either.
Amelia: Okaaay, I think I get the idea of her a little better. She seems to be basically an attention-seeker. Still could be either great or terrible.
Buddy the Adventure Penguin: Still cool.
Desmond: Still ugh.
Diego: I'm hoping to see him as a hilarious fail villain.
Finally! I've been looking forward to this.

So, as for the characters we see...
Panel 4: Seems like a paranoid misanthrope, and will probably be either an entertaining voice of reason or an annoying jerk.
Panel 5: One of those class masterminds. Hopefully won't be too smug.
Panel 6: This one seems like the naive one who either fails amusingly or somehow goes a long way.
Panel 7: What an attitude! Buddy the Adventure Penguin, I think I like you already.
Panel 8: Smug, flirtatious, selfish... I don't think I'll enjoy her, but after how Rudy was, I'm keeping an open mind.
Panel 11: Ugh. Next, please.
Panel 12: Seems cute and loveable.
Panel 13: Definitely going to be the super-excitable one. Probably going to try to make a lot of big moves, although how effective they turn out is anyone's guess. Seems fun, anyway.
Panel 14: Like the first one, a total grump who may be either fun or irritating.
Views subject to change.
Yeah, saw that one coming. Still, Jim is a respectable winner, all things considered.

All in all, I'd say this was a pretty nice season. It wasn't the best, but it's still pretty high on the list. I'm looking forward to seeing what SFC14 is like.
I knew my successful predictions wouldn't last forever. Oh well.

Orwell was a rather likable character. He was smart, friendly, and his bad luck was hilarious. I will miss him for the few comics until I see him at the finals.
Okaaaaay. I guess predicting with logic is out of the question. I'd say story-wise that Jim seems more likely to get taken out, but I cannot be certain. Even my lucky streak with predictions can only go so far.