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I am a Lurker. :D HOOPLA
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Whoops! It appears someones subconscious is showing! LOL
Congratulations!!! Babies are hard work but totes worth it, so don't worry too much about us! Enjoy mommy and baby time!! The best part is watching their personalities develop!

GG yo, blowjob!
*nose bleed*
Baaaaaaaaaah! THE FEELS!!!! D8
Oh man, some one is about to hop aboard the feels train! Lawwwlllsss~~~
Oh man, this can go soooooooooooooo wrong so fast! Fingers crossed, they both laugh it off and go skipping along holding hands into the sunset :DDDD
Oh man, things just got intense
... like 11 intense. Ooohhhh man.
The icon was totally worth it! XD
oh.. SNAP! *badum tss* 8D
November 29th, 2014
a drunken confession!! ahhhh, so much regret and brain pain the next day!
Oh snap, this comic is top notch! :D Can't wait to read more. Keep up the amazing work!
I suggest take three advil, that really helped me when I got mine removed. the pain went from "OH GOD!?? SDKLAJDLKSAJ WHAT IS THIS MOOOOMMMMYYYY *endless sobbing" to "My mouth is aching, UGGGGHHH!"

Sending get well vibes, and hoping you have a speedy recovery!
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, you're back!...WELCOME BACK! 8D
@jack: oh no! I'm not invalidating Scott's feeling (he's feels are understandable and expected, with what we've read so far), I'm just trying to figure out what would set him off.
@jack: I think it has to to do with the last line "Good Thing the child you actually wanted wasn't a disappointment." So because of that Scott is suck under this rock of "good child/wasn't a disappointment," and has to live with it, to keep up his parents best interest.

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, let's just go along with her not knowing. xD