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I like reading fantasy comics and other sorts,
playing Minecraft almost everyday and other games,

And I like to draw too but I'm not sure if I have the time to have a own comic, but maybe some day, I'll have my very own comic.
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Oh dang, falling in that water isn't a good thing now :S
To me, the eyes seem cringy to look at, but I think I'll get used to it.
It just looks weird as it's the first time with the eyes like that
Hey Gigi,

On your cameo thread, I've posted my character on it!
I hope it'll will come in the comic once :D
Haha, he finds it too embarassing to call Aki cute or pretty!
I comment so little on here >.<
I have a feeling that now he knows that, he's gonna use it to blackmail Aki...

Pff, I haven't left a comment in ages.. >.<
I always feel kinda picky when i correct mistakes on a good comic...
But it's tripped instead of tript
Does that means she's homophobic? Oh, that may become a problem later on..
Hey Soen, about that volume from the Easter raffle,
It's been a while and I still haven't received it yet. Do you know something about it?
Woot! 3rd anniversariy already, time sure flies by! ^.^
Wait, if that's Assistant, does that mean she 'kills' people to get their powers, or is it just some random person?
Wow, Lucky seems awfully too happy about this..
Oh my god, that was a really brutal murder.... O.0
When you reply, it comes in email and on the page itself
After reading this I was just saying : OHMYGOD Lucky, you're really crazy now!
Now, I'm wondering what Oliver has or will say about this...
Gongratz on the 2,123 fans!
I hope this comic will last for a long time!

Isn't it supposed to be 'his looks' instead of 'he's looks'?
This is a new art style (atleast for me) and I like it very much, even though it's only 4 pages in!
First when I gave a quick glance at the page, I thought that Edmond was kissing Joseph..
But then I took a better look at it.
Hmm, his eyes were glowing too, could this mean something?
Wait a second..
With what he's killed with it could be Oliver or the executioner, but that's just my guess
Wow what a coincidence! Someone in my class is named like that too, but she's not very nice, she never smiles nor talks and if she talks it's to chew someone out.