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@Wolfie_Inu: I am actually! Sex slave Jane for the win! XD XP and other associated old school smilies.
Hmm...I imagine slave Jane's life (if it actually happens) will be more slow torturous death than anything else...not sure I like that, even for her kind of psycho.
@Wolfie_Inu: "In the beginning was Jane, the psychotic despot who ruled the universe with an iron fist..." :p
The book of revelations!
Well that didn't work out!
@Wolfie_Inu: But...where is his reactor?
Louwrens seems to have had an upgrade of some sort.
It won't be Atlantis with population Zero if she is not careful.
There might be a whole megabyte in that computer! XD
@Wolfie_Inu: Would it really be a spoiler? We know that there have to be ways for the 'programming' to be undone - Alex was activated then deactivated. The only thing we don't know (by we I mean the readers!) is how it is done.
@Wolfie_Inu: And...*runs off*

Ahem...Who needs Big Brother? Not me! ^_^

I guess he was lying when he said that Om-Ankh are not really people. :P
Didn't see that coming! D: and :D
@Wolfie_Inu: Lies! Lies I tells ya!
There is no hope for Jane. End of matter. Any evidence to the contrary will be rejected.

EDIT: And I wonder what happens when the Louwrens uninstalls himself at the scheduled time?
@Wolfie_Inu: True, but she knows where he stands. And how to manipulate him.
@Wolfie_Inu: He might be a program, but he is a program who she knows where he stands. :P
@Wolfie_Inu: OK! It has the added advantage of not giving Jane another reason to want me dead. :P
I hope that last comment wasn't too inappropriate or anything...
@Wolfie_Inu: Yes I would! It is also a good chance for her to get out her dominatrix outfit! XP(just kidding on that one. Or am I?)