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Another update! :) I'll be updated every Thursday! Glad to see there are some people excited that it's back ;u; I'm excited to be working on it again!
Time for weekly updates :D !!!
yep, Strife and Lumience are siblings :C
messed up family
oh did it ever send him over the edge
/puts characters through shit
@lucasmali: OMG LMAO
before I read the "Just kidding" I was just all D''': fjghf
haha thanks!
/works on moar
ignore that badly drawn bg :(
dun dun dun.
I understand how you feel about it being a little expensive. There's less pages than books in stores that might be a similar price. But you're getting the book right from the artist, and I've seen mangas of only one chapter be charged for the same price online, so I think in some way it's quite resonable. Another reason I can't really change the price is that I've already sold about 50 copies so it would be unfair to the ppl who paid 15$. Hope you can understand... :( I definetly undertstand where you are coming from though!
No it's not green tinted.
Yes it is a bit behind, Vol.2 will have new material and is a third done :)
112 pages
5 x 7.5 B&W Original Manga
Genre: Fantasy, High School, Comedy
Language: English

3 first chapters of manga (+cover and pagebreak illustrations)
3 featured guest art
3 character Pages
Short extra chapter
Artist comments

$15.00 CAD (+shipping charges)

Methods of payment
-Money order (I'll only send the copy out when I recieve the payment, make sure to hide it well so no one can see the cash in the envelope!!!)

How to order
Send me a note or e-mail ( ) while filing out this form:

-Method of Payment
-Signed or not signed?

Once I recieve your order...
I will reply to you where to send the money with the total amount (the shipping charges included)
Yep, they're siblings. And I know it comes off to many people that they're something more to their relationship that just siblings, my intention for the comic is not to have it be portrayed as incestuous though (even if I don't mind people thinking that way XD I like hearing about what pairings ppl like <333 canon or not).
Eric was used to living during the night and only making breif encounters with other vampires so he ended up becoming very close to Lune because she's all he really has. Lune wants to be part of this vampire world, so her brother is everything she dreams to be and doesn't make very many human friends. I just want to portray a relationship between a brother an sister that, yes, is closer than a lot, but is not wrong and built on a need for each other.
Sorry for the lack of updates gaiz ;A;'''
I've been sick for the past few days with a really bad cold... BUT I'M FINALLY GETTING BETTER ovo !!! So I'll be working on getting back on track for this comic now! ^-^ Expect more regular updates in the next few days OwO Sorry for dissapearing like that! And thanks for all the support! <3
right! ovo lol
no... but that would have been adorable ;;'
dum dum dum
(two fanarts up now <333 )
ahh~ I kinda like this page *u*
And throughout the comic I feel as tho I've gotten a little bit more of the hang of drawing Eric... but at the same time I find him really hard to draw D:

AND I got a new fanart ;; I have yet to post it beause I just woke up, but'll be up by the end of today~ ahh these fanarts are just to beautiful you gaiz QwQ
oops yes you're right XD thanks for pointing that out! *will fix*
Thanks for 600+ fans ;v; <3 Your support keeps the pages coming!! ^-^

So I'm thinking to have a flashback chapter/possibly mini chapter once this one is done. It'll be centered around Mr.Dalvius and Alexei, like when they met, and how Alexei put the coven together blah blah C: