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I really have nothing to say about this comic. I guess it reveals a bit more about Xeno’s personality.
Everything I want to say is in the comic. Still, TF2 is a pretty fun- if not crazy- game.
Random chat.

And, it's been 9 days since I last updated? Tests are next week, and I won't be able to update until they are finished... 0_o
Happy April Fool’s Day. I thought that having an ‘I’m going to discontinue this comic’ joke is a bit too old, so here is this short comic instead. Oh, yeah, and school is making me update less, so expect one every five days or so instead of three or two.
@ShatteredMoon: You’re quite observant, ShatterMoon. :D Edited.
Look at the bright side, Dedede.
He could've took longer.
I have nothing to say about this one... @_@
I wonder if there is a evil version of Saia? Now that would be weird.
Surprisingly, Tsuki sucked in the soda, but not the gift box.
Sorry for the abrupt, perhaps boring ending of the birthday comic. Next comic should be more exciting, though. Stay tuned.

And yes, the present is soda. I can’t think of any other gift that Tsuki would like. :D
Oh god. What a mess.
Kaxo never existed. Oh my god.

Just kidding. Wonder what happened there. Now I'm insanely curious.
Happy B- Day, ShatterMooon!

I'm trying out the blur effect. Anyone who can guess what is inside the present box gets a cookie! :D
Paint has made a mess. XD

During the first few panels, Kirby had his eyes closed. In case you guys were wondering.
@Uninvited Guest: Same here. I got a fresh idea in mind for the banner, but it'll take a while to make it.
Now THIS is interesting.

...Actually, I'd be pretty angry if I was in the same situation.
It’s my first time breaking the fourth wall! :D
Trap, as in a half transparent Sparky.