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I was so busy checking you out just now that I walked right into a brick wall.

I'm going to need your name and number for insurance purposes. -wink-
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@Stevarooni: Thank you! I will pass your compliments onto the artist, as this was all her doing.
@DragonMageRyanM: That's very good to know, thank you! I'm excited to finish both books. I'm glad the sequel is as good because I'm loving American Gods so far!

I've not read any Terry Pratchett, but I would love to hear any recommendations!
@Remawolf: Actually, on my way back I was watching people go through border security and one guy said he was visiting his friend in Canada. The police woman then went through his bags and started drilling him about his Canadian friend as if she wasn't actually real.

I was prepared for the same thing when I told her I was coming back from visiting Ricardo... and all she did was check out my awesome souvenirs before sending me on my way.
@RazorD9: It's a lost cause. Ricardo and I have tried over the years..... Some people just aren't meant to be lame.

It took me years to learn how to speak Chelsea. Sometimes I just go with it.

@Atomic dragon:
Just go with itttttt!

It's a struggle, but I will persevere.

Didn't he? I was going to let him meet my mother! Well, not anymore I suppose.
@crossstitch: The real Chelsea would kill me if I let her die. D:

That being said, I make no promises.
@RazorD9: You say it like I'm not already a dick to people! :D
A Bonus Page!
Merry Christmas! :D
@Atomic dragon: You know... It's really unclear.
@RazorD9: The Hyundai was a 2013, so really you'd think I wouldn't be the only one posting "woe is my car" comics right now! And yet. :/

@Atomic dragon: Spoilers. ;)
@crossstitch: Thank you!! You're making me blush!
@godmoderncommander: Thank you, Fairy GodModernCommander.
@Remawolf: Well, I'm meeting someone on Tuesday about my injury claim. My back and shoulders are a mess from the impact. She hit me real hard. :T

Lesson to take home: You cannot occupy the same space as someone else, no matter how hard you try to force yourself into their space.

@ShinyHoundoom229: I have cousins in Hong Kong actually, they told me driving there is a nightmare.
@RazorD9: Why thank you, good sir!

@ShinyHoundoom229: This is a plan! Unfortunately, it all goes straight to my boobs.

Did I say "unfortunately"?
@Remawolf: I'm actually only explaining shayla because her sister has done some things worth mention.
@Remawolf: Your story started out fun with dogs and it ended with me sleeping with the light on in fear of spiders. What have you done to me.

@Atomic dragon: Please hurry. I worry it might produce offspring at my office and then the apocalypse will be upon us all.

@RazorD9: Good lord, I must applaud that fine wordplay.

@ShinyHoundoom229: This is all very true. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and spreading enlightenment where'er you go! Good show good show!
@RazorD9: Ricardo and I have been friends for seven years. Our friendship is a second-grader. They grow up so fast.