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Indeed. One of these days, he may get a haircut, perhaps.
Beautiful work.
Sorry if the comic is being a bit...well, uninteresting for you to draw, Pyro. And the propagation of benches I guess, but I swear it's not intentional!

Ne'ertheless though, the bench looks fine to me--and your tmeplate, while we're on the subject, also looks quite nice. ^^
This chapter is nearing it's conclusion though--and I think that the next one should provide more opportunities to stretch your artistic muscles, if all goes well..
Well, I cannot speak for the readers of course--but I think that the extra time paid off.
Hoepfully though, if I can just get it together and finish my finals/coordinate with DL, then we won't have quite the delays at least thanks to scripts being to you in a more timely manner...^_^;;

Congrats again on the modship!
'Too Many Comments'?
That's impossible!
Well, unless y'were a bot or something, but if you are, I am fooled for certain. ^^

Glad you like the comic!
I think I speak for all three of us, when I say--thankee' very much!
You too!
...And though we have been sluggish, worry not! New scripts are in the works!
^^ I have to say, I quite like the effect as well.
Wow. If you did, I would be flattered more then I thought possible...^^

I should be at Kumoricon though, so I shall track you down with a camera fro Pyro, yes?

Oh--and filler to come. I've been swamped, recently;y, and the lack of computer doesn't help--sorry for the delays!
Maybe I'm biased, but...
I think it looks pretty good--you always make things look much more dynamic then they do in my head--which is a good thing.

Oh--and hopefully DL and I should have new script(s) or two ready for you within a day or two.
Lovely to see you back, Pyro! I hope that all went well in England.
Sorry for not responding sooner, but college was sapping my time a little bit--if all goes well though, we should definitely have at least one new script up for you by tomorrow, and more soon following, hopefully, so that we can stop skating on the razor's edge with scripts to comics her...^_^;;

I just saw the new banner as well--it's quite good, I think--perhaps I'll have to change my signatures around for it...

Oh--and happy to hear it, Shadow! I look forward to whatever you come up with!
Oh yes--and, I know I keep saying it and then shoving it aside in favor of schoolwork or anime, but BIOS COMING SOOOOON! I swear it on the bones of my ancestors!
DL is just starting college this week, so his comic has been pushed back until this weekend--never fear, however! Here's some lovely fanart from our very own guest-commenter E!

Also! Traekios is currently tied in votes! Anyone who goes back a strip and comments can break the tie!
Been a bit since the last Traekios, yes?
For your convenience, I've moved all the old filler to the extras gallery...
Look forward to the mid-week, where DL will be updating with filler of his own!
A wonderful bit of fanart from Midori, for your viewing pleasure!
Don't worry--we're going to do all we can to minimize the amount of Traekios...
He's a reporter--they find things out...^^
Darn it! I thought your birthday was in December for some reason..Ah well--hope you had a good one!
Oh--and I love Ninja's stand by the way. The logo-picture dealie is priceless. XD
Oh snap!
You're right.
I like the head 'asploding.
Looks pretty good though, tones or no--hope your production goes well...XD