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I like to draw anime (obviously), play video games, and make animations. I like singing, writing songs/poems, and playing the guitar. I love to roleplay. Most of my ideas come from dreams and roleplaying. All my characters are special to me.
Since I have a bit of a following now
I should warn you guys that this comic is an update at my leisure. There's no set schedule for this.

Also, if you've fallen for the cute trap, remember this is a dark kind of comic and will have gore, violence, etc.
The Floor is a Lie
Oh Hi
I didn't expect to get fans for this already XD
I've never heard of "Hard done by" or "Hard done to" before XD So that completely flew over my head. Sounds more like "Rotten Luck" or "Having a Bad Day" or "PMSing" XD Idk OH WAIT, No it's "Woken up on the wrong side of the bed" XD
WAIT.... Did DT just speak? .___.
Quick put out the fire! XD
Lol... Bug pokemon are pretty useless XD Everytime there's a bug pokemon gym.. I take the gym leader out without a problem.... Darn things evo too quickly.
Ewwww D: I don't like muscled men.... especially body builders.... bother men and women body builders are just gross looking... no offense to those who do that.... but seriously... looks like freaking tumors... can't seriously be healthy.
Of course it's logical
Water pwns Fire... Duh. XD Atty needs to learn the basic concepts of types.
-horrible images come to mind- GAH IT BURNS XD lol
Feraligator... isn't that big? -totally thought it was-
Anyway... if I was DT... I'd be running...AWAY. (Then again I'm an electric type so I'd have a chance to kick its ass)
That made my bad knee hurt just looking at that D: ><
cfnjrbgbmkmdsk.... So... What we gonna do about your charries? We can't just have them floating around? Do we just shove them in a closet or something? XD
Yes indeed it is Shoop-da-whoop.
.... And Alora is doing it.... lol It's just random
September 22nd, 2010
Filler coming up maybe
Since I'm not in a comic making mood, I'll probably make a cute pic of Chill in his Chinchilla form and post it as a filler -A-
August 20th, 2010
D: Those poor apples.
XD He looks awesome
Omg... I now understand why he has an insane grin... I now fear it. D: XD
Did I mention that Hisui is obsessed over Cavo? XD It's only natural that she'd turn him into a hyena..... I SEE THROUGH YOUR PLANS MISSY. XD