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I'm a senior in high school who enjoys comics, I can't draw if my life depended on it but I'm an okay writer...In fact my website has my HP fan fiction on it, so check it out! But if you read it tell me and I shall love you till the end of time.
September 26th, 2011
Woo! I'm glad you're working on this comic again. There is a style difference but I think both of your styles look good.
Oh no Henry!
Hmmm.. wonder why the person in the last panel is angry
this is a side story ;3
send should be changed to sent.
unless she's supposed to talk that way
Bridge looks good :3.
Nice! Obviously whoever set up the tree has a sense of humor.
Yea! Swimming
Nara-kun is right hmmm...............................................
as I said on pg.50 this page isn't showing up for me :*(
Shows up now
oh no
this page and pg.52 won't show up on my computer are they different formats (like jpeg instead of png )?
:It shows up now
twitch .... twitch
Did her boob pop out of her top?
I can understand why she was such a bitch now.
Someone has asthma. Am I right?
Haha poor girls. They rarely get the big dragons. Sux to be them. Wait a sec...I'm a girl. Now I feel sad. Sorry for going off track my brain does not function well lately. Anyways I luv your comic!
Nice! That would traumatize me for life rather than help me though...