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October 9th, 2016
Well, everyone's gonna be perfectly toasty after that...get it...because a toast...anyways...
September 15th, 2014
@The_mad_one Hopefully.
@Charlotte057: I wouldn't say discontinued, but it is definitely on pause. I don't have enough time to work on it and I don't play minecraft as much as before so I don't have much motivation.
@Charlotte057: oh you mean actual viruses XD no, it shouldn't have any.
@Charlotte057: yeah it has "viruses" that you have to go around and kill
@Charlotte057: it's called megaman battle network and you can get it by dowloading an emulator on the internet and then downloading the game
@MecanicalCH: don't worry, I'll be careful VuV
alright, so I'm going through a Megaman NT warrior/Rockman.exe phase so I'm watcihng the tv show ,playing the games on an emulator, and planning to make a costume of Roll....and I'm terribly sorry if this affects the pace at which my comic pages come out ': D
@MecanicalCH: she's making a hook
I can feel the sexual tension going on in the comments
I think Koffing wasn't hugged by their dad when they were a kid :C

It's okay Koffing

I can hug you.
whoa koffing, did someone steal your rare candy?
thanks guys : D
Yeah, I've just uploaded the pages I had done so far. I didn't actually draw 10 pages in one day...I wish I could though.
Cover for the first chapter of my minecraft comic.